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How to Deal with a Premature Birth

One thing that's common among every parent who has had to deal with premature birth is the complex mix of emotions that they experience. Negative emotions like grief, worry, shock, anger, and guilt swirl around your head. Mixed in are positive emotions like hope, love, longing to be with your baby, and relief that at least it was not a miscarriage. It is an overwhelming feeling that can disorient anyone. That's why we thought we'd create this step-by-step guide on how to deal with a premature birth to help you navigate this difficult period.

Should You Swaddle Your Baby?

If your baby seems irritable or she's having a hard time sleeping, you may want to consider swaddling. It just makes sense that your child would feel most comfortable in an environment that's more similar to your baby felt while being cradled in your womb. How do you successfully swaddle your baby, what type of swaddles typically work best and do all babies really need to be swaddled? Plus, what safety precautions should you take to make sure your baby is safe

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