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How to Choose the Best Baby Carrier for Your Baby

If you’re a new parent, you probably already know that despite their size, babies sure need a lot of stuff! Among all these stuff is the all-important baby carrier. Baby carriers are a great way to keep your baby close to you while freeing up your hands for other tasks. They are also the perfect tools for bonding with your baby. With a baby carrier, you will be able to soothe your little one when they’re fussy while also making breastfeeding easier. But with so many types and brands of baby carriers on the market today, how do you know which one is right for you and your baby?

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How to Bond with Your Newborn

Giving birth is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences anyone can go through. It is completely normal to feel a mix of emotions, from excitement and love to anxiety and doubt. You’ve just started a new part of your life, and it’s a massive undertaking.  One of the things that might be giving you anxiety is how you are going to bond with your newborn. So how do you do it?

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Are You a Helicopter Parent?

As parents, we all want to protect our children and keep them safe and healthy. But it can become problematic when parents continuously remove obstacles to ensure that their kids never experience disappointment discomfort, heartbreak, or pain. What typically causes parents to "hover" over their kids? What are the pros and the cons? And what traits and characteristics typically develop in your child as a result?

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Taking Photos of Your Twins

You've probably seen tons of adorable photos of twins and thought "how did they do that"? Are the photos done professionally? Can you get similar results on your own? What kind of camera and lighting did they use? And how on earth did they get those twins to pose so perfectly for the camera? Join us as we get the inside scoop on how to get the best photographs of your twins!

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