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Dental Problems in Twins

When your twins start teething, you may not automatically think about taking them to the dentist. But, you don't want to wait too long! What are some common dental problems with twins and what can you do to help prevent them? Plus, we'll discuss the practicality of brushing (and flossing) their teeth twice a day and what to expect during those initial trips to see the dentist!

How to Travel with Twin Babies

You’ve been the world traveler and then... life changes when twins come along. Or does it? Most people resign themselves to resume traveling after their twins are potty trained or older. But today we’re here with some experienced twin moms who have been jet-setting around the world alongside their kids. It may not be for everyone, but our twin mamas have some great practical advice for any twin parents who want to give it a go!

Twins and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

It's a parent's worse nightmare. One minute your child is fine and the next minute she's not breathing. Worse yet, you don't really know why it happened. This is what it's like to suddenly lose a child from SIDS. And unfortunately, SIDS rates are higher for families of twins.

Celebrities and Twins

It seems like every week there is a new announcement about a celebrity having twins. And it’s always pictured as a fun, glamorous event. They make it look so easy! So, why are so many celebrities having twins? How does celebrity life with twins differ from real life? And how does this fascination with twins impact families of multiples who aren't in the spotlight?

Identifying Preterm Labor with Twins

If you're pregnant with twins or higher order multiples, then your medical care provider has probably already told you about the risk of preterm labor. What does "preterm" actually mean for multiples? What are some of the signs of preterm labor?

Babywearing Twins

When you're the parent of twins, you're constantly wishing you had an extra pair of hands to help. And while a full-time nanny would be nice, another (perhaps more affordable) option is a carrier so you can wear either one or two babies at a time. And yes, there really are carriers for twins and triplets!

Twin Transitions: Introducing Solids

Transitioning to solid foods can be tricky, especially when feeding two babies at once. How do you know when your twins are ready? What are some of the best foods to help kick off this transition? Plus, some practical tips from parents of twins how to set up your space!

Preparing For Your Twin Vaginal Birth

Yes! A vaginal birth is possible when you're pregnant with twins! So, what makes you a good candidate for giving birth this way? How should you prepare yourself? And is it true that you really have to labor in the operating room?

Inside the NICU: Follow-up and Outpatient Care

We're continuing our series focused on what to experience if your twins need the NICU. In this episode, learn more about what happens after your babies leave the hospital. What type of follow-up and outpatient care is typically needed?

Managing Emotions During Twin Pregnancy

Learning you're pregnant with twins can certainly send you on an emotional rollercoaster. In this episode, our twin moms share how they felt about being pregnant with twins. What initial concerns did they have? How did they manage any additional stress?