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Understanding Frequencies and Their Effects on Babies

When your baby cries and there’s no end in sight, do you ever wish you had an instant trick to calm him down? Maybe you saw that viral video a few years ago in which a father puts his baby girl to sleep using the “om” chant you might more frequently hear in yoga class than in a nursery. Now you want to know – can I do that too? And what other sounds, or frequencies, would do the trick? We’re here to answer these burning questions and more to help arm you as a new parent with some extra soothing techniques.

Sleeping Tips for Traveling with Baby

Traveling with a baby can definitely have its challenges, and sleep could quite possibly be at the top of that list. So, how do you get your baby adjusted while you're traveling through time zones, or driving long hours in the car?

Colic: Why Is My Baby Crying Constantly?

Babies are supposed to cry, it's how they communicate with us. But what do you do when your baby is crying constantly? Could your baby have colic? What exactly is colic and why does it happen? And what natural remedies can you use to help soothe your baby so you both can get some much needed rest?

The Essentials of Car Seat Safety

A car seat just might be the most important piece of baby gear you buy. So what safety features should you be looking for? How can you make sure it's installed properly? And how tight should the baby's straps be? A child passenger safety technician and experienced moms answer these questions and more.

Tear or Episiotomy After Childbirth

When giving birth, many women may either tear or have an episiotomy. What are the various degrees of a perineum tear or episiotomy? What household items increase your comfort while recovering? And is there anything you can do to make sex more enjoyable?

Working Out After Baby

With postpartum bodies and tiny humans in tow, working out looks different after having a baby. How should moms ease back in? What are red flags to watch out for? And how can you exercise with your baby at home?

Know Your Infant Reflexes

If you have a newborn, then you're no stranger to your little one's weird, jerky movements. Thankfully, those crazy moves are completely normal. In fact, these infant reflexes are designed to protect your baby and keep him safe. So, what can you expect as a new parent? What happens during the moro reflex, sucking reflex and the root reflex? Will your child always have them or will they eventually go away?

5 Ingredients to Avoid Putting on Your Baby’s Skin

Is your baby prone to diaper rashes or eczema? Are you struggling to treat cradle cap or baby acne? Many products that claim to help these kinds of skin issues contain ingredients that can actually aggravate the problem. So how do you know what is safe to put on your baby's brand new skin? And what ingredients should you avoid at all costs?

The Benefits of Kangaroo Care

You've heard the phrase skin-to-skin, but what about kangaroo care? How can this intimate way of holding your baby increase bonding after birth? What are some of the other benefits? How can it help with breastfeeding? And how does it ease the struggles many premature and NICU babies face while in the hospital?

How to Potty Train Your Infant (Elimination Communication)

Most people think of potty training as something you tackle in toddlerhood. But have you ever heard of potty training a baby? Today’s episode is all about elimination communication, a method some parents use with their babies to help them learn to use the toilet at an early age. We’re breaking down this topic with moms who have used this with their babies, as well as an expert who’s coached countless families through their elimination communication journeys to help you decide if this is the right method for you.