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Teach Your Child to Swim

Drowning is the second highest cause of death amongst children four and younger. What skills are desperately needed for survival? How do you teach these skills to your child? And, when can you start?

Making Baths Fun and Safe for Kids

Bathtime can be fun, but it can also be a scary place if you aren't taking precautions to help protect your child. Today, we'll explore some tips to help keep your kids safe, all while having fun and teaching them valuable lessons to help make them self-sufficient.

Balancing Your Schedule with Multiple Children

Even with one child, finding a balance between your schedule and your little one can be a challenge. So, what are some effective ways to get everything done and maintain at least a portion of your sanity at the same time?

Travel With Kids

Nervous to travel with kids this holiday season? What are the common pitfalls many parents face? And how can you overcome these issues and avoid major meltdowns as you travel to see friends and family during the next couple months?

Co-Parenting: When Parents Disagree

What should you do when you disagree with your partner's decision? How do respectfully make your opinions known? And how do you do all this without giving your child the upper hand?

Water Safety: Lessons for Survival

Drowning is the #1 cause for accidental infant deaths. Fortunately, there are water safety programs designed to save lives at the pool, at the beach, and many other places. Today we're exploring some tips on how to keep your children safe when around water.

Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Your kiddos may not be in school during the summer, but learning never stops. We've got some fun activities you can do at home to help keep your kids entertained, whether you're enjoying the sunshine outside or keeping cool indoors.

Chores for Your Toddler

Parents with little kids could always use an extra hand. So, why not put your toddlers to work? What kind of activities can you do with your little helpers that are actually chores? What can you to make these experiences as fun as possible? And what are some of the lifelong lessons and benefits for your child?

The Dirty On Diapers

We're getting "briefed" on the best diapers for your baby. Whether you're interested in cloth, disposable or some sort of hybrid, we'll explore the pros and cons of all your options!

Autism: Testing, Therapies and Services

In part two of our series on Autism, we'll speak with a psychologist about the early signs of autism. What testing options are available to children showing symptoms? What therapies and services are available for treatment?

Autism: Prevention, Detection and Medication

Autism affects 1 in 89 children. What exactly is autism and how can it be treated? Why is early detection important? Dr. Bob Sears answers common questions associated with this widespread childhood epidemic.

Spice Up Your Marriage After Kids

It's hard to keep the flames of passion alive in your marriage when the bulk of your day is dealing with spit-up and poopy diapers. With less and less time, how can you make more time for your partner? We've got some great tips for spicing up your relationship with your special Valentine!

Parenting an Adopted Child

Parenting in general can be challenging, and parenting an adopted child adds another layer of complexity. We'll explore the impact of adoption on both you and your child and how it changes throughout your child's lifetime.

Top 5 Potty Training Mistakes

Potty training your little one can definitely be a challenge. Wouldn't it be nice if you could avoid the common pitfalls man new parents face? This episode explores the top 5 mistakes commonly made by new parents- even those with the best intentions!