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Baby Proofing Your Home

Your toddler is getting into everything, which can be both frustrating and dangerous. How can baby-proofing your home help control the chaos? What are the essential items and what can you probably do without? And how do we protect our kids outdoors?

Creating Family Traditions

The holidays are almost here! It's the time when many of us celebrate family traditions. How important are these traditions for the family dynamic? How do you start incorporating them into your life? And what do you do when mom and dad don't necessarily agree?

Essential Oils for Babies and Infants

Aromatherapy is a natural solution that's been used for centuries. But how can it benefit your baby? We explore everything from cleaning cribs to healing those pesky mosquito bites!

Are You a Helicopter Parent?

As parents, we all want to protect our children and keep them safe and healthy. But it can become problematic when parents continuously remove obstacles to ensure that their kids never experience disappointment discomfort, heartbreak, or pain. What typically causes parents to "hover" over their kids? What are the pros and the cons? And what traits and characteristics typically develop in your child as a result?

New Baby and the Family Pet

You're about to bring home your new baby. You and your partner are excited, but what will the family pet think? How can you help your dog or cat through this transition? What type of behavior should you expect during this time?

Homeopathy for Children

It's cold and flu season and you want to do everything possible to protect your little ones. Have you considered homeopathy? What is it and how can it improve your child's immune system?

Emergency Preparations for Your Family

Is your family properly prepared in case of an emergency? Do you know what to do in case of a fire, earthquake, tornado or a serious accident takes place in your home? We'll talk with the Red Cross about ways parents with young children can better prepare for these conditions.

Baby-Led Weaning: Introducing Solid Foods to Your Baby

Your baby is at least six months, and you're ready to start incorporating additional foods into his diet. But before you read for the jars of baby food, you may want to consider baby-led weaning- a process allowing babies to control their solid food consumption.

ADD and ADHD: Symptoms in Young Children

Your child seems and unable to focus properly, but does he really have ADD or ADHD? These are buzz words that are perhaps overused too often these days. So, what exactly are these disorders, how do they impact children, and how can you get help?