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Exclusive Pumping: Making It Work For You

So, you've decided to exclusively pump for your baby. Now how do you turn this plan into reality? What are some common obstacles moms who pump typically encounter and how can you overcome them? We'll explore how to make pumping work for you and your baby.

Do I Really Have Low Milk Supply?

Many breastfeeding moms question whether or not they are making enough milk for their baby. Sometimes it really is low milk supply and sometimes the quantity of breast milk is a result of something else. So, how do you know if there really is a problem?

Breastfeeding with Large Breasts

Women with large breasts often have concerns when breastfeeding their babies. Will you somehow smother your little one? Could you produce too much milk and become engorged? Will your flow be faster and more uncomfortable for your baby? Today you'll hear from large breasted women about what works best for them!

The Dos and Don’ts of Nipple Shields

If your baby is having a hard time latching, he may need a nipple shield to help get breastfeeding off to a good start. And even though nipple shields can help, there are definite pros and cons to using them. What's the correct way to use them? And when should you perhaps try other alternatives?

Breast Milk Storage and Handling

If you're pumping, you want your breast milk to stay as fresh as possible for your baby. How long can you leave pumped milk in the fridge and freezer? What are some smart storage options for using only the amount of milk your little one actually needs? Plus, how can you tell if your milk has gone bad?

Postpartum Depression and Breastfeeding

About 15% of women will experience postpartum depression each year- which is more than the amount of women who are diagnoses with breast cancer, diabetes or those who have a stroke. What are the signs of PPD and how can it impact your breastfeeding experience?

Breastfeeding in Rural Communities

We often take for granted having modern conveniences at our fingertips. But for many moms who do not live in urban communities, these plans look a little different. What if the nearest hospital was 40 minutes or more from your house? What if you only have one health clinic in your town? What does it look like for a mom seeking breastfeeding support right after birth in these circumstances? Today we’re talking about what it’s like to breastfeed in a rural community.

Should I Wear a Breastfeeding Cover?

To cover or not to cover, that is the question! Picture this: you’re walking through the store, your baby gets hungry. What do you do? Do you find a seat in the middle of the mall, unclip your nursing bra and let your little one go to town? Or do you reach into your baby-bag and whip out your trusty nursing cover? Today we’re talking about all breastfeeding covers- should you or shouldn’t you?

Breastfeeding Your Baby in the NICU

The separation between mother and baby while in the NICU can be difficult. How can a mom maximize her breastfeeding success under these circumstances?

New Mom Breastfeeding Manual: First 24 Hours

We're launching a new series to help guide new breastfeeding moms through important milestones during that first year. In this episode, we'll focus on how to get breastfeeding off to a great start within 24 hours after birth.

Breastfeeding the Jaundice Baby

Jaundice is normal in most all newborns, and is slightly more common in breastfed babies. How is jaundice handled in the breastfed baby and how does the treatment impact the breastfeeding relationship long term?

An Introduction to Breastfeeding Multiples

The mechanics of breastfeeding multiples may seem overwhelming, but there are definitely some tricks to the trade. We'll share some tips for surviving the first couple weeks.

Nursing Strikes: Refusing to Breastfeed

Just when you think you've got this whole "breastfeeding thing" worked out, your little one decided to go on strike. So, why is your babe no longer interested in the boob? We've got some helpful tips to get him back on track!