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Myths and Misconceptions: Breastfeeding Infants

At some point during pregnancy you probably heard a myth or two about breastfeeding. While some were helpful, others probably seemed a bit crazy. In this episode, we're separating fact from fiction by revealing the most common myths and misconceptions when breastfeeding infants.

Back to Work: Is My Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk?

When a mom returns to work, she often has questions about how much milk her baby needs while she's away. How many ounces are typically needed? Should you be using a "milk calculator"? Plus, how to handle caregivers who like to overfeed.

Becoming a Badass Public Breastfeeder

What exactly does it take to become a badass public breastfeeder? How can you learn to feel comfortable in any environment- and what tools are helpful to have to make this transition more smooth for you? Here our special interview with Abby of the popular website and blog, The Badass Breastfeeder.

Oral Anatomy and the Effect on Breastfeeding

A baby's latch may look perfect from the outside, but what's happening on the inside of the mouth may be what's causing the problem. Learn how a baby's oral anatomy can impact your overall breastfeeding experience.

Breastfeeding Expectations: The Fourth Month

Join us as we continue to following three breastfeeding moms as they nurse their newborns through the first year of life. What changes have our moms seen now that their babies are four months old?

Breastfeeding for Moms 40 and Older

Are you age 40 or older and wondering if you can still breastfeed your baby? How does your body's ability to produce a full supply of milk change with age? What are the risk factors and potential challenges? And how can you better prepare yourself prenatally?

How Stress Affects Your Breastfeeding Relationship

Did you know unusual amounts of stress can impact the breastfeeding relationship you have with your baby? Sometimes these hormones work together to improve mood and lactation and sometimes they are in conflict with one another. So, what can be do about it? How does fear and anxiety impact your baby? And how can it create difficulties when trying to bond with your baby?

Traveling with a Breastfeeding Baby

Summer is here, and with it comes much-needed vacation time for parents. But if you're a breastfeeding mom, how do you breastfeed while on-the-go? The process may seem daunting, so here's some advice to help you keep up your supply while traveling.

Breastfeeding Tips for the Working Mom

Returning to work after giving birth can be challenging if you're a breastfeeding mom. We'll poll our panelists to see how they made their transition run as smoothly as possible.

Low Milk Supply: Donor Milk, Milk Banks and Formula

Breastfeeding mothers are sometimes faced with the dilemma of not being able to produce enough milk for their babies. If you have low milk supply, what are your options? What are the pros and cons for each option? And how do you make the best choice for you and your little one?

Breastfeeding Beyond Two Years

We know there are many benefits to extended breastfeeding. However, breastfeeding an infant or toddler can look drastically different than nursing a new baby. Hear what our moms say about what their breastfeeding routines look like with their older children.

Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Many women mistakenly believe that they cannot conceive if they are breastfeeding a child. This is simply not true. How can you make this experience as safe (and comfortable) for everyone involved?