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Common Bacterial Infections in Pregnancy

When you're pregnant, you can easily become a breeding ground for bacterial infections. Today we're discussing some of the most common infections such as yeast infections, urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis and Group B Strep.

Top 10 Breastfeeding Myths for Pregnant Moms

You’re planning to breastfeed your baby, and you’ve probably even heard popular catchphrases like “Breast is Best”. And that can result in a lot of unnecessary pressure for both mom and baby. Today we’re busting some common myths associated with breastfeeding and supplementation in those first few days and weeks after birth. Our goal is… Continue Reading

Fetal Development: The Third Trimester

You've just completed your second trimester, arguably the most comfortable and relaxing one. So, what should you expect during the third trimester? What developmental changes is your baby experiencing? How will your baby's movements change during this time? When do they stop flipping around and stay in their birthing position?

Eating While In Labor

Most women have been told not to eat anything while in labor, but why? What are the risks to both you and your baby?

Touring Your Hospital Before Delivery

It's always a good idea to tour your hospital before you deliver your baby. Who typically gives these tours and what important information can you learn to improve your overall childbirth experience?

Choosing Your Health Care Provider: Postpartum Doulas

We're continuing our series to help you choose the best health care providers for your birth. In this episode, we'll explore the role of a postpartum doula. How can they help you after your baby is born and how can you find the right one for you?

Childbirth Preparation Methods: The Bradley Method

If your partner wants to play an active role in your labor and delivery- then The Bradley Method may be a perfect choice for you! Learn more about this popular technique and how it can help ease your childbirth experience.

Bonding With Your Baby Before Birth

For some women, this happens very naturally during pregnancy. But others have to develop it on their own time. We'll explore some ways you can naturally connect with your unborn child, especially if the pregnancy is a surprise.

Getting Pregnant: Common Fertility Treatments

We're continuing our ongoing series focused on getting pregnant. In this episode, we provide an overview of your options to increase your chances of becoming pregnant after your doctor has diagnosed you with having issues with infertility.