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Preventing Urinary Incontinence During Labor and Delivery

You've heard about women accidentally leaking urine after having a baby, but for some, the issue can be much more severe. We're shedding light on an issue that's commonly overlooked in the medical community, yet it has greatly impacted the lives of new mothers everywhere.

Understanding Pregnancy Food Cravings and Aversions

You suddenly have an intense craving for certain foods that you must eat immediately. Or the opposite happens, and even the thought of certain foods or smells makes you want to lose your lunch. Why is our body acting so wacky?

Blood Type, Rh Factor and Pregnancy

Blood types plays an important role during pregnancy. It's even possible for your blood type to be incompatible with your unborn child. What determines your baby's blood type and Rh factor? How do you know if you're incompatible? And how could that impact pregnancy and your labor and delivery?

VBAC or Repeat C-Section?

Your decision to have a VBAC or repeat cesarean is important. This episode will help inform you so you can understand the trade-offs, and weigh your own values and concerns so that you can come to a decision that is best for you and your baby.

Mocktail Recipes: Non-Alcoholic Pregnancy Drinks

When you're pregnant, your options for "adult beverages" are limited. That's when pregnant mamas turn to their favorite "mocktails". Saavy, sophisticated drinks- minus the alcohol. Join us as we taste test some of the best recipes right in our studio!

Sex and Pregnancy

Let's face it- sex is different when you're pregnant. Your body is going through many changes and you may feel more or less sexual depending on your situation. How do you handle sex and pregnancy with your partner? Plus, a candid conversation about how you can make sex more enjoyable.

What to Expect When Your Water Breaks

Your water breaks. What do you do now? It's not always as dramatic as the movies make it out to be, but you should still be prepared. What can your amniotic fluid tell you about your baby? Why are babies usually delivered shortly after a mother's water breaks? And what does T.A.C.O. have to do with it?

Fetal Non-Stress Tests During Pregnancy

There are many reasons you may need to have a fetal non-stress test, or NST, during your pregnancy. Perhaps your baby isn't moving as much as before or perhaps you have a high risk pregnancy. So, how are these tests performed, and are there any risks to mom and baby? Also, what typically happens if the results are abnormal?

Placenta Benefits After Childbirth

The placenta provides essential nourishment to your baby throughout pregnancy. But it has tremendous benefits to the mother during her postpartum care? What are your different options and how can it impact your overall health?

Protecting Your Pelvic Floor

Prior to having your first baby, you may have never heard of a pelvic floor. But this area of your body is part of your core, and it will play a large role in your labor and delivery. Learn how you can strengthen these muscles and protect it for years to come.