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Choosing Your Health Care Provider: Midwives

We're continuing our series to help you choose the best health care providers for your birth. In this episode, we'll explore the role of a midwife. What are a midwife's primary responsibilities and how can you find the right one for you?

Fetal Development: The Third Trimester

You've just completed your second trimester, arguably the most comfortable and relaxing one. So, what should you expect during the third trimester? What developmental changes is your baby experiencing? How will your baby's movements change during this time? When do they stop flipping around and stay in their birthing position?

What to Expect When Your Water Breaks

Your water breaks. What do you do now? It's not always as dramatic as the movies make it out to be, but you should still be prepared. What can your amniotic fluid tell you about your baby? Why are babies usually delivered shortly after a mother's water breaks? And what does T.A.C.O. have to do with it?

Choosing Your Health Care Provider: Postpartum Doulas

We're continuing our series to help you choose the best health care providers for your birth. In this episode, we'll explore the role of a postpartum doula. How can they help you after your baby is born and how can you find the right one for you?

Managing Pregnancy Discomfort: Physical Therapy

Pregnancy isn't always comfortable. In this series, we'll explore natural ways to overcome common discomforts. This first episode focuses on how you can use physically therapy to naturally remedy your aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

Announcing Your Pregnancy

Whether planned or a complete surprise, announcing your pregnancy is a big deal for many soon-to-be parents. When should you share the big news? Who should know first? How do you tell your parents? Plus, the big facebook debate.

Plus Size Pregnancy

If you're overweight, pregnancy can be a bit more challenging. How is pregnancy different for plus-size women? What simple steps can help you create the safest and most healthy pregnancy possible?

Childbirth Preparation Methods: The Bradley Method

If your partner wants to play an active role in your labor and delivery- then The Bradley Method may be a perfect choice for you! Learn more about this popular technique and how it can help ease your childbirth experience.

Getting Pregnant: Basic Infertility Evaluation

We continue our series focused on getting pregnant. In this episode, what's involved in a basic infertility evaluation? What exactly are medical providers looking for and what tests and exams are typically performed?

Baby-Friendly Hospitals and Birthing Centers

Baby-friendly hospitals and birthing centers encourage breastfeeding and bonding between mother and baby. What does it take to earn this important distinction and how can you find a baby-friendly hospital or birthing center in your area?

Placenta Benefits After Childbirth

The placenta provides essential nourishment to your baby throughout pregnancy. But it has tremendous benefits to the mother during her postpartum care? What are your different options and how can it impact your overall health?

Babymoons: Planning Your Pregnancy Vacation

Need some time to getaway before the baby arrives? Babymoons are a great way to savor your freedom while celebrating your future! But, when should you travel? What can you do? And what should you expect?

Healing from an Unwanted Cesarean

Unfortunately, the perfect birth plan we picture in our minds unravels during labor and delivery leading to serious medical intervention, such as a cesarean. How do you begin to heal from this unexpected turn of events and learn to embrace your birth experience?

Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy

More than 80% of pregnant women are significantly deficient in Vitamin D. How does this vitamin impact your growing baby and how can you increase your Vitamin D levels?