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All About Baby Names

Let's face it. There's a lot of pressure to find the perfect baby name. What are the current national trends when it comes to naming your newborn? What are the most common  struggles parents have in choosing their names? Is there a specific formula you should follow when it comes to naming siblings and twins?

10 Reasons To Call Your Doctor or Midwife

Your body is changing and most of these changes are normal. But, when should you be concerned? We're focusing on the top 10 warnings signs that warrant a phone call to your medical care provider.

Prenatal Testing and Genetic Counseling

Parents-to-be usually receive the option of testing for genetic defects. Learn more about prenatal testing and genetic counseling available to help decipher the results of these tests.

Inducing Labor Naturally

You've reached the end of your pregnancy. Your due date has passed and still no baby. Fortunately, there are some safe non-invasive ways to give your baby a gentle nudge down the birth canal.

The Hospital Delivery Room: What to Expect

You think you're having contractions, so it's off to the hospital you go! So, what should you expect when you arrive? At what point are you provided with a labor and delivery room? How many people will be caring for you as you await your baby's big debut? And what typically happens after your baby is born?

Your Baby Registry: Breast Pumps

Breast is always best for your newborn baby. But, there may be times when you're away from your baby and need some expressed breast milk. What types of breast pumps are available to you? We'll explain the basic features so you can determine what to put on your baby registry.

Coping with Morning Sickness

For many soon-to-be moms, it's one of the main symptoms they notice in early pregnancy. So, what can you expect with nausea also know as morning sickness?

Delivering a Breech Baby

You were planning for a vaginal birth, but then you learn your baby is breech. Fetal position is often overlooked until late in the pregnancy, so what are your options? Should you try and get your baby to turn? Can you deliver a breech baby vaginally? What are the concerns for both mom and baby?