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The Expectant Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy

Our all-dad panel discuss what pregnancy is like from the partner's point-of-view. Also, what can you do to better bond with the baby and be supportive during labor and delivery?

Coping with Morning Sickness

For many soon-to-be moms, it's one of the main symptoms they notice in early pregnancy. So, what can you expect with nausea also know as morning sickness?

Keeping Your Pregnancy Low Risk

When pregnant, having an "uneventful" or "boring" pregnancy is actually exactly what your medical care provider wants. A pregnancy with few complications will keep you "low risk". So, what exactly does having a low risk pregnancy look like? And what can you do to keep it that way?

Gender Prediction: Fact Vs. Fiction

Are you having a boy or girl? The question is inevitable the moment you announce your pregnancy. But just how reliable are the tests we use to reveal a baby's gender?

The Truth About Gestational Diabetes

Even if you've never had diabetes, you could be among the 18% of women who develop a form of it about halfway through their pregnancy. While gestational diabetes is not a permanent condition, it does impact both mother and baby.

Preeclampsia: Symptoms and Treatment

Tired of peeing in a cup every time you have an OB/GYN appointment? They're testing for increased protein in your urine which may be a sign of preeclampsia. So, what is preeclampsia and how can it impact your pregnancy? If untreated, how could it affect you and your baby?

Childbirth Preparation Methods: Hypnobabies

Curious about Hypnobabies? Our expert says her birth was "pain-free" using this technique! Learn more about the method that teaches real medical hypnosis techniques so you can have a more peaceful, calm and enjoyable pregnancy and delivery.

Birthing Centers: An Alternative to Hospitals

If you're going for a more natural childbirth experience, then a birthing center might be best for you. How does a birthing center differ from a hospital? What services to they offer moms-to-be and how do they ensure that you and baby are safe at all times?

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Having chiropractic adjustments can help release pressure from your growing belly and even improve your overall childbirth experience. What are the most common pregnancy discomforts treated with chiropractic care? Are there any risks to mom and baby?

Healthy Body Image During Pregnancy

So much is happening with your body during pregnancy. It's easy to feel lost, confused and even frustrated by all these changes. How do you overcome feelings of doubt and insecurity during a time that's supposed to be hopeful and happy?

Your Pregnancy Due Date: Is It Really Important?

If you were given only one due date during your pregnancy- consider yourself lucky. Often times, moms-to-be don't have a clear idea when to expect their new arrivals. So, what actually determines your due date and is this date really that important?

Prenatal Anxiety and Depression

Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of great joy, unfortunately, at least one in ten pregnant women suffers from bouts of prenatal anxiety and depression. What typically triggers these feelings, and how do you know when extra support is needed?

Childbirth Choices: Planned Homebirths

We're launching a new series all about your choices of how to birth your baby. In this episode, we're learning all about planned homebirths. What typically happens during a homebirth and how can you better prepare to have the best experience possible?

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Your dentist calls about your teeth cleaning, but you cancel your appointment because you're pregnant. Contrary to popular belief, preventive dental cleanings and annual exams during pregnancy are not only safe, but are recommended.