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Twinning: How Does It Happen?

You've just learned you're pregnant with twins! Odds are, you're in complete shock. You may be asking questions like, how did this happen? How common are twins? Are they identical or fraternal? And could it happen to me again? Today we're leaning all about "twinning", the process of conceiving twins.

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The Ultimate List of Interesting Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Finding out that you are pregnant is exciting. You probably can’t wait to tell everyone about it. Announcing your pregnancy to the people you care about is a very special thing. This guide contains a list of interesting pregnancy announcement ideas that will help make your announcement memorable for both you and your loved ones. We’ll also include a few tips that will help you elevate it even further, such as when to make the announcement, who to tell first, and how to let the closest people in your life know.

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