Your Hospital Bag Checklist

Your due date is quickly approaching and you're still trying to figure out what to pack in your hospital bag? So, what are the essentials, and what can you essentially leave at home? We've asked some experienced moms to help us create a checklist of what belongs in your hospital bag.

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Episode Transcript

Preggie Pals
“Your Hospital Bag Checklist”

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Sunny Gault : So, your due date is just about here and you are still trying to figure out what to pack in your hospital bag? What are the essentials and what can you live without? We have asked some experienced moms to tell us what they think and today we are breaking down that list. This is Preggie Pals, Episode 29.

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Sunny Gault : Welcome to Preggie Pals, broadcasting from the Birth Education Center of San Diego. I am your host, Sunny Gault. Are you a member of the Preggie Pals Club? Our exclusive club for moms to be gives you access for all our archived episodes, transcripts, plus extended conversations from each show and so much more. For more information, visit the member section of our website which is And how would you like to win $300 dollars in pregnancy and parenting products. All you have to do is subscribe to our Preggie Pals Newsletter and you will automatically be entered in contest. We will draw one lucky winner at the end of the November and we are also giving away a free wall mounted diaper and wipe dispenser from Boppy. I know we are giving away a lot of stuffs in this next coming month. Now this is a product that recently received four stars from our Preggie Pals blogging team who tested the product and then reviewed it. You can visit the giveaways page on our website to learn how you can win. Alright, we have got two panelists joining us here in the studio, Stephanie let’s start with you.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Hi, I am Stephanie Saalfeld, I am 29 years. I am a Gemologist, due January 9th with my first baby, a girl, and we are having a hospital birth.

Elisa Suter : Hi, I am Elisa Suter, I am 32 years. I am a wedding planner and I am due April 12th. We aren’t sure of the gender yet. We will be finding that out this month. And this is gonna be our first, we will be having a hospital birth.

Sunny Gault : And if Elisa’s voice sounds familiar it’s because she was an expert on our show and I think I actually didn’t do the research but I think so it was Episode 7 where we were talking about Baby showers and how to plan the perfect baby showers. So, Elisa has a lot of experience in that. And we are so excited that you are pregnant now and you are on our show.

Elisa Suter : I am so excited too! [Laughs]

Sunny Gault : Alright, thanks for joining us today, ladies.

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[Featured Segments: News Headlines]

Sunny Gault : Okay, here is a crazy headline that is making headlines around the internet. This is from the Daily Mail which as I just learned a UK newspaper Elisa was informing me prior to the show so now I know. Okay so, here is the headline, basically they are talking about “blizzard keepsakes new mothers cherish forever”, I gotta tell you ladies some of these are a little crazy again it is from a UK paper. So, they pulled UK mothers and we are gonna break down some of these items but essentially things like umbilical cords, positive pregnancy tests, dirty nappies which are dirty diapers. They say they are quickly becoming some of the most popular baby keepsakes and they are over taking traditional items such as lots of hair and first teeth. Now the article also says although they may not have seen most appealing souvenirs too many 96% of women surveys said they would cherish the items forever. Now, obviously it depends on the items but just initial thoughts, Stephanie you are kind of giving me this look like “what is going on over in the UK?”

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah.

Sunny Gault : Okay.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah, yeah. Well you know, the dirty nappies really.

Sunny Gault : Yeah. [Laughs]

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah, that was I, I mean I kept my positive pregnancy test so, I don’t think that’s super weird but……

Sunny Gault : Yeah, where did you keep it? Where did you put it?

Stephanie Saalfeld : I just have it in the bathroom drawer.

Sunny Gault : Well, I actually Googled this and they make boxes for like a keepsake box for your pregnancy test.

Stephanie Saalfeld : But I felt that they fade that they are not gonna show.

Sunny Gault : Exactly, so what is really the benefit?

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah.

Sunny Gault : Okay so, I took an electronic test that may make the difference.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah.

Sunny Gault : I think if you have the line thing I think that’s different that’s like a witness test kind of thing. I think the, you know, the not pregnant, pregnant I know that goes away because I wanted to keep it at least until I was able to take a picture of it or something.

Stephanie Saalfeld : See I just checked mine and it’s still, it’s still and I still… I did take a picture of it.

Sunny Gault : Maybe it’s because of the brand.

Stephanie Saalfeld : I took the line one.

Sunny Gault : Okay.

Stephanie Saalfeld : I took the line one.

Sunny Gault : Okay, you took the line one and mine is Just in the drawer right now I would probably, eventually go and,

Sunny Gault : You are not worried about since you had to pee on it. [Laughs]

Stephanie Saalfeld : Well, I mean it dried.

Sunny Gault : Urine is sterile. Let’s be honest.


Stephanie Saalfeld : And you know, and you wipe it off and,

Sunny Gault : Yeah. Okay so, listen to some of these items. Okay, boots and mittens 56% that’s not an issue.

Stephanie Saalfeld : That’s not a problem, yeah.

Sunny Gault : Okay, umbilical cord or the clipping of it is 32% that’s,

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah, that’s a little weird, it’s not as weird as the dirty diapers but it’s we are doing placenta encapsulation. And the Doula does that also does like a placenta print and does something.

Sunny Gault : Sometimes we can insert a little art or something like that and it dries that way.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yes, she does something with that stump so…..

Sunny Gault : Yeah.

Stephanie Saalfeld : I don’t know I mean whatever she does is included in the thing so,

Sunny Gault : So, why not?

Stephanie Saalfeld : But, yeah I don’t know I would just keep a little piece of it. Oh! But they are talking about the piece that falls off the baby not the….

Sunny Gault : I am assuming it, it doesn’t actually break it down but I am assuming. Can I just tell you a quick story so, with my, I have two boys, with my first boy my plan was to keep it, I don’t know why just you know, new mommies want to keep everything you know, anything.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Of course, of course.

Sunny Gault : I have to tell you know, one day I was changing him and suddenly it was gone and I realized that my dog had ate it. It fell off.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Oh! Gosh. [Laughs]

Sunny Gault : And I have a tiny little dog some guys have a bigger dog, I have a Poodle. Okay, a tiny toy Poodle ate the umbilical cord so, you may have plans to keep stuff and your dog may take that away. Okay, let’s continue down this okay, so you guys were talking about pregnancy tests, 19% of the people they surveyed said they keep their pregnancy tests. So, first birthday candles 16% that’s normal.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah that’s not weird.

Sunny Gault : Especially if you take more kids like we had the big one you know, and I think we even have a two now because my older son is two years and I think I am not using those things, they're only lit for like a few seconds.

Elisa Suter : Yeah.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah.

Sunny Gault : Let’s see, maternity clothes worn during labor, during labor.

Stephanie Saalfeld : I have heard messiness, 11%.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, yeah that’s just kind of gross. Lock of hair 11%, stained bibs 9%.

Stephanie Saalfeld : No thanks.

Sunny Gault : Weird, weird, weird. Nail clippings 1%.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Oh! No, no.

Elisa Suter : Filthy.

Sunny Gault : Another thing by the way, nails just the other day I was like really, okay. And we are talking about the dirty diapers or in their case the dirty nappy, they said it was less than 1% so, obviously that is just some weirdo out there that is has a little too much time on their hands I think.

Elisa Suter : Why, why? I wanna know, I wanna get into that persons head, I wanna know why? They are making new ones like every minute like why, why, why? [Laughs]

Stephanie Saalfeld : I would imagine it doesn’t smell so hot.

Sunny Gault : No, no.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Just put it in a plastic bag and just kind of they go, look at it.

Sunny Gault : I don’t know but they didn’t say what’s one or two, right? They didn’t say…..

Elisa Suter : I am imagining two.

Sunny Gault : I am too, so who knows? But I still think it’s weird but anyways hey, it’s your kid I guess do what you want, just don’t tell other people.

Elisa Suter : Don’t show other people.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, when the UK newspaper comes and calls you don’t admit it.

Elisa Suter : Well, that’s just a very honest person. [Laughs]

[Theme Music]

Sunny Gault: Today, we are breaking down what items you should pack in your hospital bag. Our experts who are moms themselves who have been there, done that. That’s right, we have pulled our Facebook and Twitter friends to see what items top their list. Both of our panelists are here in the studio, they are first time moms so, it’s very applicable they are also planning hospital births. So, I know you guys have varying stages of your pregnancy. Let’s remind the audience how many weeks, Stephanie how many weeks are you?

Stephanie Saalfeld : Twenty nine and a half.

Sunny Gault : And Elisa?

Elisa Suter : 16 weeks.

Sunny Gault : Okay so, you are not too far, you are about a month or so apart. So, have you guys thought about what you are gonna put in your hospital bag, Stephanie?

Stephanie Saalfeld : I just started making my list.

Sunny Gault : Okay.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah, although you know, I don’t know I guess when I am supposed to…..

Sunny Gault : 7 months, 7 month mark is what I read that you are supposed to start packing your bag so….

Stephanie Saalfeld : So, yeah I am pretty close to that.

Sunny Gault : You are yeah, Elisa any thoughts about it yet?

Elisa Suter : I just started pinning things on Pinterest.

Sunny Gault : Look at you. [Laughs]

Elisa Suter : So, I went through a little phase this week of needing to do some stuff for the baby, started the registry and started pinning some things and….

Sunny Gault : Yeah.

Elisa Suter : And all that.

Sunny Gault : Okay, so you plan for a living now?

Elisa Suter : I do.

Sunny Gault : So, you are wedding planner so I guess I would expect this, right?

Elisa Suter : That is true and I am gonna be really busy for the next couple months so you know, I figure it’s probably good for me to start getting this done early.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, I don’t, I don’t think it hurts at all, my problem with this 7 month rule and we’ll realize this as we go through this list is that lot of the stuff you use on a daily basis.

Elisa Suter : Yeah.


Sunny Gault : And this was my problem you know, going into packing my hospital bag as I thought because I love to plan stuff, I love to plan things way out if I can. And it just really wasn’t practical for me so anyways let’s go through this list and talk about may be some of the items that come to mind that you would definitely put in your bag. But again I just kind of grab some of these, these are the main things that most of the websites are talking about because there are umpteen thousands websites out there that will tell you what to put in your hospital bag. So, I tried to break it down for you guys a little bit and just talk about the things that are most important to give in the fact that I have had two children now and I have gone through my first share of “crap, I forgot that”, “honey go home and get that.” So, hopefully you won’t have to do that so let’s break this down. So, the number one item everyone talks about is comfy clothes. Now we can break this down in a bunch of different ways. You can talk about the clothes that you go home in like, your home coming clothes, that’s what they call, home coming clothes or just stuff to you know, be in the hospital with you know, as you are recuperating after having birth. If you guys are planning for hospital births, you are probably gonna stay in there for couple of days even if it is a vaginal birth unless you are birthing in birthing center but, that’s totally different. So, when I say comfy clothes you guys have personal items that come to mind that are just like “Oh! When I really wanna get comfy and cozy this is what I bring.”

Elisa Suter : Yeah pajama pants and sweat shirts or whatever but I think a lot of that probably isn’t reasonable either because you have to have access for breastfeeding, you have to have access for the doctors to be checking you.

Sunny Gault : Yeah that’s true.

Elisa Suter : And you know, here things get messy.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, well they do have birthing gowns. Now, let me just process it by saying you can wear during births but they are also nice to wear even if you don’t you know, if you want to wear hospital gown or whatever they can’t force you by the way to wear something specific during your labor and delivery. Unless you, unless you end up having a C section then obviously that needs to be a sterile environment but when you are talking about you know, just a regular labor and delivery in a labor and delivery room you can wear pretty much whatever you want. And, I have heard of people saving their birthing gowns for afterwards. I had a friend that Bobney really comfortable, it wasn’t you know, marketed or advertised as a birthing gown but it was something that had easy access for breastfeeding. It had a little robe that went with it, it was really you know, that really nice cottony kind of material that you wanna just kind of cuddle with it on a rainy day.

Elisa Suter : Yeah.

Sunny Gault : And, and I didn’t end up using that for the vaginal birth but my second birth I had was a C-section and it was perfect for that because I didn’t more recuperating in the hospital. So, when I think of my comfy clothes that’s something that comes to but you are right Stephanie, they will be checking you a lot, they want you know, just to make sure you know, everything is okay and that there is no bleeding and stuff. So, having pants on does not really work.

Stephanie Saalfeld : And if you do and I mean, you know, you don’t know sometimes if you don’t have a C-section without planning for it and you don’t want pants.

Sunny Gault : Exactly, exactly and that’s something that they gonna want to be checking your C-section scar you know, line.

Stephanie Saalfeld : So like a robe or some kind of you know, front open gowns and something is probably the best.

Elisa Suter : Even though my first thought was the same, you know, the yoga pants. [Laughs]

Sunny Gault : Yeah you are right.

Elisa Suter : It’s so comfy but you are, right. You wanna have easy access for everything.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, that’s when you said yoga pants because one of our Facebook friends Kate Contor actually said that because we are pulling people in Facebook and she said “black yoga pants.” So, apparently there is a trend if you can pull off the black yoga pants people really liked it.

Stephanie Saalfeld : I feel like I wouldn’t want anything tight like that I would want something little more loose.

Elisa Suter : Honestly, I want a pair of maternity yoga pants.

Sunny Gault : Oh!

Elisa Suter : And they are the most comfortable things and I can imagine it you know, they are still continuing to be comfortable the larger I get.

Sunny Gault : Comfy clothes definitely is pretty high in the list, the other thing that they recommend are bras like you know, nursing bras and pads. I have to say from my personal experience you are pretty much going braless most of the time.

Elisa Suter : I would say like your nursing tank would seem a little more reasonable.

Sunny Gault : Yeah something that you can pull on and off really easily because with your new born if you are breastfeeding, they are gonna be kind of on and off. They are still trying to get the hang of things as you are as a first time mom and they may not be latching you know, all the way in the beginning. There is a lot of training that goes on for first few days, I would think having a full blown bra unless you just feel more comfortable wearing it home you know, maybe, maybe that’s one thing. The pads for nursing pads I am thinking unless you are like super women you are just dealing with Colostrum in the first few days you know, and again you know, maybe there are women that really need those. But for me personally the pads would have kind of been a waste. The other thing that I probably wouldn’t have found very helpful at the hospital but definitely at home or any of the nursing pillows or support things that you buy that you put on your registry helps to support your baby as you are nursing, they have tons of stuff like that at the hospital.


Elisa Suter : Okay so that was on my list.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, yes. And you can I think unless you wanna practice with what you are gonna have at home but if you are just thinking you know, I gotta bring it because I am not gonna have it let me think about it. There are hospitals, they have lactation consultants at the hospital, their staff is probably trained you know, in lactation as well. So you know, with my first they just gave me kind of like this wedge the Styrofoam, not the Styrofoam it’s like a foam wedge you know, and it looked kind of funky and it was like weird melony pink color but they functioned properly. And in that way I didn’t want to worry about getting that messy and taking that home.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Oh! Yeah. Okay that’s nice to know because I would never realize that they have that there.

Elisa Suter : Yeah and the hospital around the ring is weird as the baby from the hospital that they have tons of lactation support. I can imagine that they probably,

Sunny Gault : Well the other thing they suggest are socks and slippers which I can say, I can say that, that does help but hospitals usually have those too. So, unless you are very particular about the type of socks you are wearing, I know one of our Facebook friends said something about get the ones with the grippe things on the bottom because that is true you, your hospital could have a more slick flooring they usually keep those floors pretty shiny. So, the grippe ones could work really well any hospital I have been to those have been provided another kind of funky looking. I think I got like that light blue and light purple but I was not in a position to really quite you know, the fashion please, I didn’t really care about when I was recuperating. So, you know, they do give this to you but people say socks and slippers are good you may want to roam around in the hall or do something like that just a little bit of exercise.

Stephanie Saalfeld : I have a little feet so, I don’t know if the one size fits me.

Sunny Gault : That is true, the one size. So, keep that in mind, the other thing favorite toiletry so when I say that what comes to mind, what are some of your favorite things that you would wanna pack? Now this is everything for toothpaste to anything you use on your face or your skin.

Stephanie Saalfeld : All of it.

Elisa Suter : My lotion, the toothpaste.

Sunny Gault : Particular about it.

Elisa Suter : The hair conditioner I mean in my house we don’t use sulphates.

Sunny Gault : Okay.

Elisa Suter : So, I know if I were going some place I would be very dubious about what was in and everything.

Sunny Gault : Okay.

Elisa Suter : And then I have my favorite lotion, I am pretty much addicted to it, I use it all the time.

Sunny Gault : It’s not for pregnancy or it is for pregnancy?

Elisa Suter : It is just like a hand lotion.

Sunny Gault : Perfect.

Elisa Suter : So, you know, I just I can’t imagine trying to go without you know, all the things that I normally use on a daily basis you know, chapstick, lotion.

Sunny Gault : Chapstick I have heard of it. Yeah, that’s a big one.

Elisa Suter : Because I especially always my lips are chapped always.

Sunny Gault : And especially if you are not eating and you are only allowed to drink water that we had a lot of people say “chopstick, bring chopstick” so that’s a huge one as well.

Elisa Suter : And of course deodorant.

Sunny Gault : That’s important.

Elisa Suter : Yeah.

Sunny Gault : Yes, you do have to be careful as we are talking about some of these toiletry products so, I would try to limit to stuff that doesn’t have perfume.

Elisa Suter : Yeah.

Sunny Gault : That kind of stuff I think either it can make you nauseated depending you have got a lot of hormones and stuff going in and out of your body at this time. So, that would be a concern of mine but if you keep it pretty basic wouldn’t be a problem for your pregnancy anyways.

Elisa Suter : I was gonna say it has to pass the first trimester test.

Sunny Gault : Yes.

Elisa Suter : Yes, well I actually started making homemade deodorant during the first trimester.

Sunny Gault : Are you kidding me?

Elisa Suter : Oh! No. It’s really easy. Yeah, it’s really, really easy.

Sunny Gault : Now, this is a whole other episode.

Elisa Suter : Yeah, we need to talk about that.

Sunny Gault : Can we make soap too?

Elisa Suter : No.

Sunny Gault : Oh! My gosh because I'd be Betty Crocker in the bathroom.

Elisa Suter : You know, but, but what was nice is that it was all natural and it didn’t smell funny and it was gentle on the skin.

Sunny Gault : Okay.

Elisa Suter : Because my, my mom and sister and I all have very sensitive skin.

Sunny Gault : Okay.

Elisa Suter : And so we are trying to find something that didn’t make us to break out, didn’t make us uncomfortable, didn’t make us stink.

Sunny Gault : Yeah.

Elisa Suter : And so we started to doing that and it’s so much better.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, good for you. I am so impressed, Elisa.

Elisa Suter : Thank you.

Sunny Gault : Next thing on the list is sanitary pads, yes and no? I mean here is the thing obviously the hospital is prepared to handle this they deal with how many births, every you know, day, year or whatever. I always like to take advantage of the fact that they are giving me free stuff. [Laughs]

Elisa Suter : Nice.

Sunny Gault : So, from the moment you arrive you know, you pretty much have full access to that even if you are admitted I am sure they would give you sanitary pads. So, totally up to you if you have got a particular kind you like, obviously if you have some sort of sensitive skin I would imagine that hospitals though would have thought about all of that. Their pads are poky I will tell you that because it is kind of a one size fits alternate like “Oh! Can I have the slender fitting?” You know this is the biggle chunky, this is what you getting, you know, again don’t worry about the fashion plea kind of statement. But my personal preference is to use just what they have but you will need sanitary pads obviously and maybe if you want something particular fine bring it with you.


Stephanie Saalfeld : And then that kind of also goes back to your comfy clothes because you have to think about sticking that big ol' fat pad in there. [Laughs]

Elisa Suter : You wanna make sure that you have got comfy underwear.

Sunny Gault : Oh! That is true. Yeah, don’t bring your thongs.

Elisa Suter : Bring a larger sized underwear.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, in the hospital can you imagine? Get out the granny panties people, nobody cares. Okay, hair and make up products you know, some people say why you are giving birth and all natural blah, blah. Here is the reason, you are gonna have these pictures forever, yeah. Okay and at first you may not think it’s a big deal but trust me you are gonna look back on the, I look back on my birth photos and well, more particular like with my first born where we didn’t know when it was gonna happen. It was vaginal birth when in to labor. And I was looking good earlier on the day but I will tell what, by the time that baby came out I still looked like you know, I don’t know what even I looked like. It was not the best sight in the world and I even brought all that stuff with me but you know, labor is intense even if you have an epidural. I had an epidural and you know, my I was still you know, sporting the pony tail thing that’s, that’s another good point bring stuffs to put your hair because I have long hair and both of you guys do. Bring something to get your hair back with even those little bred things so, if you have a pony tail that’s great bring more than one because although you are gonna lose it or it’s gonna break because you needed the most now and then bred and stuff like that.

Elisa Suter : Head bands.

Sunny Gault : Head bands, it’s another good one. The last thing that I wanna talk about before we go to break is electronics. Now, I think this is becoming more and more important in our day and age. And there is not tons of websites but even not the talk about different electronics you should bring so, that’s why I wanna break this down. I am assuming that if you are listening to the show that you are internet friendly and you are used to having all your little gadgets around you. So, I would recommend even prior to going in you know, giving birth, checking with your hospital to see if they have internet, if they have Wi-Fi. I gave birth at one hospital that it didn’t and I was like “are you living in the Stone Age, what is wrong with you?” And I, in the second hospital I gave birth and just got it and I was just like “you guys, I am implied you have it but seriously? Wow! Seriously” So, I had brought my computer at the first time and couldn’t even really use it and so, that was kind of a bummer. But obviously depending on how internet savvy you are and how much time you spend online, I personally wanted my laptop with me and obviously my phone I have an iPhone so, it kind of doubles as a camera but if you don’t obviously you are gonna watch some sort of camera. I find that it’s easier if you can take pictures from your phone immediately and send them out that way as opposed to taking them with a separate digital camera, downloading the photos, choosing which ones you wanna upload. I am not saying don’t use a professional camera if you have that as well or a different type of camera but people wanna see that baby, I mean, trust me especially if you wanna go over your due date people are gonna be bugging you on Facebook. “When is that baby coming out” and the moment you say you are in labor they are gonna be posting saying “I want pictures.” So, to satisfy you know, everybody’s curiosity that’s one thing that I found that was very helpful. My husband had his camera; he was taking pictures and even video right when the baby was coming on we were able to post that stuff right away so, if that shoot thing if you like to sharing that kind of stuff on Facebook that would be an easy way to do it as a opposed to “Oh! We got to get this camera and I gotta do this and I gotta do that” and all that fun stuff. The other thing I would say is, don’t forget your chargers to go with this equipment because you know, you maybe use a little lot and you will like “Oh! Great my iPhone is dead and I don’t have a way to charge it.”

Stephanie Saalfeld : And did someone on Facebook comment when you asked about did they say an extension cord?

Sunny Gault : An extension cord?

Stephanie Saalfeld : Because if you are in your bed and like the outlet is on the other side, maybe I just read that in some place.

Sunny Gault : Oh! I don’t think that anyone said it but that’s a really, that’s a really good point actually I don’t know if they would allow this but if you may even wanna check into like…..

Stephanie Saalfeld : Surge protector?

Sunny Gault : Yeah, surge protector things because if you are in need of any realization in the hospital bed. Okay, when we come back we are gonna discuss the types of paper work that you should bring with you plus what are some of the most items that moms on Facebook and Twitter wish they had put on their list. We will right back.


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Sunny Gault : Welcome back, today we are talking about the items, the essential items that you should pack in your hospital bag. So, now we are moving on to paper work. Now there are some items that you are gonna wanna make sure that you pack. The first think that comes to mind we have done an episode on this for Preggie Pals. In fact I think it was our very first episode is your birth plan that is something that is very important. I recommend that every woman does it even if it is very simple it will still help you think about the process of how you want to give birth. And I guarantee it will help you in the process of what items to put in your hospital bag so, birth plans have you guys thought about your birth plans?

Elisa Suter : We just did ours this week.

Sunny Gault : Lovely and there are a lot of great online forms that can help you through that, that’s a whole other list in this show but,

Stephanie Saalfeld : We haven’t started on it yet, we have thought about it, it’s a little early.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, you have got some time, you have got some time but just make sure you bring it because that was my problem with my first. I did not pack my hospital bag. I had some things like I said some of these toiletry items and stuff you use every day, right? And I was three days past my due date so I should have known better but I just thought that I would have more time. When my contraction started they started fast and strong. I just thought I was gonna have couple of hours to link around the house and do the stuff I needed to do and that was not the case in my situation. So, my birth plan was one of the things that I had left at home which isn’t the smartest thing to do may be, maybe there is a good idea you are probably gonna remember to bring your phone, right because we bring our phone.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah, mine is on my phone.

Sunny Gault : Yeah I was just gonna say it if you have got like the Dropbox app, I have got the Dropbox app on my phone and I can put any documents I want. It’s a free app just post it and forget about it and then,

Stephanie Saalfeld : I just put it in my notes, in my notes.

Sunny Gault : Whatever works for you, whatever works for you.

Stephanie Saalfeld : And then I emailed it to my husband and actually texted it too.

Sunny Gault : So, other people work insurance cards that’s important if you have your insurance card. Sometimes if you pre-register it with the hospital though you can take all that information up front so, there might be something to consider. A lot of websites mentioned birth announcements which, here is my issue with birth announcements. I like birth announcements that have photos on them. So, therefore I am not gonna have the proper envelopes were the birth announcements there prior to my child being born, it’s physically impossible. So, may be, may be an idea though would be if you are gonna do something on your envelopes like if you just wanna write out addresses, may be if you have some sort labeling systems that you are writing it on the labels and then you just need to peel off the labels. And then put them on the envelope I am just thinking about that or if you have standard size ,if you know you are just gonna go with you know, standard size. Yeah, 5/7 or something like that may be you can purchase those envelopes in advance but it is a good point to try to get something busy work out of the way you can because you will have some downtime even though you will be obviously with your child and taking care of your child. Things do get more hectic when you get home and I will tell you after my second son it took me four months to get my birth announcements out. Yeah and like what you see in the video because I was editing the day he was born but you know, to get the physical I do mine on magnets by the way. I like magnets because people put them on their fridge and I think they are less likely to throw them away if I, if I get a birth announcement in the mail I will put it on my fridge for a little bit. But then it kind of gets to it expiration date and I so, any other paper work things do you guys can think off?

Elisa Suter : May be just a phone list for people who might need to be called and I know, my husband is notorious for forgetting things like that.

Sunny Gault : I realize that this doesn’t work for everyone but isn’t this kind of what Facebook is for where you can post one thing where everyone it’s in everybody’s timeline or newsfeed of whatever it’s called.

Elisa Suter : So, I don’t think.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, the grandmas are not necessarily…

Elisa Suter : Yeah, the grandmas are not on Facebook but ours are.

Sunny Gault : Yeah.

Elisa Suter : Our parents are.

Sunny Gault : And I think that’s a good idea to set up some sort of phone tree system you know, something to do in advance because I was thinking all of my contacts are right in my iPhone. I don’t need to bring a list but then I am like do you wanna spend all the time talking on the phone? No, I don’t so, I like that idea of having some sort of list.

Elisa Suter : You can send group text then people have to actually use text too.

Sunny Gault : That’s true, so there is some extra things that are mentioned on various sites some of these we have talked about you can bring some extra pillows obviously hospitals have tons of pillows. But if you have got a favorite pillow that you wanna bring that’s gonna ease you and make you feel more comfortable I say bring it. We have talked about massage oil again, that requires someone to massage you so, unless you go to extra special hospital or that’s included in your fee just keep that in mind. Change for vending machine I thought that was interesting because you obviously will be fed but if you want to eat in between or you could also just bring snacks with you.


Elisa Suter : Yeah.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah.

Sunny Gault : Bring snacks with you or,

Elisa Suter : I will have to go the vending machine. I don’t eat out of any machines.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, when you have a C-section too, you are in a very restricted diet after a C-section and they will see, they came into my room to see if I was cheating sometime which I wasn’t. But you kind of have to graduate, you go to a liquid diet first and this could take several days until you are actually eating normal again. And then I think we talk about lots of stuff, our Twitter and Facebook friends mentioned chopstick is a big thing, don’t worry about the bras we already talked about that, that they could just inhibit no production, comfy jammies, dry shampoo?

Stephanie Saalfeld : Does not work for me.

Elisa Suter : Me neither.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, I have never actually tried it.

Elisa Suter : Even worse than greasy hair.

Sunny Gault : But along with that some people just say travel size shampoo and conditioner.

Elisa Suter : Yeah.

Sunny Gault : Your baby book that’s kind of interesting especially if you want to do, I am, I am always forgetting the hand print and the foot print things. So, if that’s important to you make sure you bring those with you I would just kind of tuck it in with your birth plan say you don’t forget. If you are going bring a cloth diaper, a cloth diaper? Okay, you can bring those to the hospital; you can start right away if you choose to cloth diaper.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah, we are cloth diapering but we are not gonna start until the yucky,

Elisa Suter : Yeah that’s what I was gonna suggest.

Sunny Gault : They will give you plenty and plenty of diapers so you don’t have to worry about that. And sometimes the cloth diapers depending on how big your baby is, they are not gonna quite fit into the new born.

Elisa Suter : Yeah, right.

Sunny Gault : But you can, you can that is an option you can bring your cloth diapers with you. So, Oh! And the other things someone mentioned is a travel neck pillows which I thought that was really interesting. So, those are the things you see people wearing on air planes and then selling at the airport.

Stephanie Saalfeld : Yeah someone else recommended to me a tennis ball for like massage.

Elisa Suter : Oh! Yeah that’s not like a full out, a massage.

Sunny Gault : Yeah.

Elisa Suter : Your husband would have been a little, yeah.

Sunny Gault : Honey, can you rub me with this. [Laughs]

Stephanie Saalfeld : And then someone else said a night light.

Sunny Gault : Yes, thank you.

Elisa Suter : That’s the one I put on my list.

Sunny Gault : Yeah, that’s a really good one and Julie has one. One of our Facebook friend said that “she wish she had a night light.” She said that “the room lights were way too bright and she had to leave the hospital door open to see so, she could nurse.” And that it was really loud out there. Obviously, you wanna little more privacy so, she said that a night light would have been a total life saver, smart.

Elisa Suter : Interesting.

Sunny Gault : I love it, I love it. Well, thank you so much all of our Facebook friends and our Twitter followers for submitting these comments. We really appreciate it. We want to know what items you are planning to pack for the hospital; you can join the conversation on our Facebook page or post a comment on our website under this episode. And don’t forget this conversation continues for our members if you want to get this great bonus content be sure to join the Preggie Pals club.

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[Featured Segments: Ask the Experts]

Sunny Gault : We have a question from one of our listeners, this question comes from Maggie and Maggie is writing from Glenview Illinois. Maggie says “I have a fitness question for your expert Leigh-Ann Webster. Is it true that the more kids you have the harder is to lose the baby weight? I have heard people say this before which is frustrating because I still haven’t worked off all the baby weight from having my first child. Thanks.” And Maggie I think a lot of us here in the studio totally understand what you are going through but let’s see what Leigh-Ann has to say.

Leigh-Ann Webster : Hi Maggie, this is Leigh-Ann Webster with 52 healthy weeks, I just want to take some time to answer your question “Is it true that the more kids you have the harder it is lose weight?” Well, I would say it’s true because the more kids you have the less time you have. However, biologically speaking, you should be able to lose all of your baby weight regardless of how many kids you have. There are a few things to keep in my mind though especially since you are a new mom. First, it’s really critical to have good sleep in order to have an efficient metabolism. When you don’t get sleep you will not be producing enough hormones. And you are producing too many of the other hormones and this prevents your body from working efficiently. So, just remember that and give yourself a break until you are truly sleeping well consistently. The second thing is that you know, you have got less time now obviously so, it’s harder to fit in exercise so, what I always tell people is write it on your calendar and you know, really make it a priority and try to get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes a day. And sometimes that requires you know, pushing the baby in the stroller or wearing the baby in a back pack or in a baby beyond. But you know, really, really make it a goal if you are getting good sleep to get in the exercise too, also focus on eating consistently throughout the day because that will keep your metabolism up. And choose really healthy and nutritious snacks, lots of fruits and vegetables and snacks that are high in fiber and just be patient and remember that it takes a deficit of 35/100 calories to lose a pound. You are new mom, enjoy it, have fun and just keep trying and yes, there is absolutely help but I tried myself and it just took a lot longer than I thought it would but I eventually did it. So, good luck and have a great day, thanks. Bye, bye.

Sunny Gault : That wraps up our show for today. If you have a question or comment about our show, we would love to hear it. Send us an email through our website or call our Preggie Pals hotline at 619-866-4775. Thanks for listening to Preggie Pals, your pregnancy your way.


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