Rumina Hands-Free Pump & Nurse Tank

Rumina ‘s all-in-one hands-free pumping bra and nursing tanks are ideal for layering under blouses and shirts to quickly and discreetly pump and nurse anytime. No need to reveal your tummy, disrobe or add extra garments to pump. Rumina's unique, seamless “no holes” hands-free pumping design allows moms to insert the breast shield while wearing. With… Continue Reading

Maximizing Your Maternity and Postpartum Clothes

New parents have a lot of new expenses. And for first time moms, that may also include new maternity and postpartum clothes to accommodate their changing bodies. What are the essential items typically needed during this transitional phase? Are undergarments really that important? And how can you expand your wardrobe without drastically expanding your wallet? We're broadcasting LIVE from the 2013 ABC Kids Expo and our experts have designed clothes to make you look and feel your very best!

Nucopia Wellness Kit

Nucopia’s goal is to provide new mom’s with high quality and innovative nutrition solutions from the Nucopia Post Natal Wellness System during their first year of having their new child. New mom’s need to focus on their baby, and we will focus on the new mom by providing Mind, Body, and Spirit completement formulas. Since… Continue Reading

It’s You Babe! Mini Cradle

The Mini Cradle by It's You Babe is a great product for every pregnant mom. The gentle lift and support provided by the Mini Cradle enhances circulation and relieves minor aches and pains often felt during pregnancy. The soft, flannel backed elastic will not curl or roll. Three sets of hook and eye closures provide a perfect fit… Continue Reading