Tips for Feeding Your Messy Toddler Twins

Twice the fun and twice the mess (usually)! If you're a parent of toddler twins, it's hard to imagine meal time where the majority of the food actually ends up in mouths rather than lying on the floor. So, how do you keep your twinnies from spitting out the food and throwing their bowls, plates and spoons across the room?

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Episode Transcript

Twin Talks
Tips for Feeding Your Messy Toddler Twins


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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to imagine the mess on the floor, the mess on the clothes and every surface in-between. I’m talking about the challenge of putting food into the mouths of two babies without them spitting it out and throwing it on the floor everywhere. Are there any tricks to keeping it all in one place and keeping your sanity?

We’re here with other parents talking about: “Hacks for feeding your messy toddler twins.” This is Twin Talks.

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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Welcome to Twin Talks broadcasting from the Birth Education Center of San Diego. Twin Talks is your weekly online on the go support group for expecting and new parents to twins. I’m your host, Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald.

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SUNNY GAULT: All right, hi everybody. We’re so glad that you joined us today on Twin Talks. I’m going to tell you about some segments. Things that we have on the show that you guys can participate in because this is your show and we want you guys to have fun with it. We love hearing from other twin parents.

So a couple of different segments; we have one that’s called: “Annoying Twin Comments.” Because when you are out and about with your twins, inevitably, someone’s going to say something stupid to you, right? So sometimes you just need to I don’t know – vent and tell someone about the stupid thing that someone had said. So we created a segment for you to do that to thousands of listeners that you don’t know.

So again, it’s called: “Annoying Twin Comments” and you can share it with all of our listeners. Another one that we do that’s pretty fun is our “Twin Oops.” So we all make mistakes with our twins and some of them are pretty darn funny. So again, if you want to share with our listeners some of the funny things that have happened, there’s couple of different ways you can submit for our segments.

You can go to our website and go to the contact link and you can type it out. I’m not a type-it-out kind of person. I just like to talk which is why we have these shows. So I would actually prefer the second option which is submitting via voicemail. So if you call 619-866-4775, you can actually just leave a message for us and we will take that and we will put it in an upcoming episode.

So again, contact us. We want to hear from you.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: All right, so let’s see here. We’ve got a few panelists on the phone with us today. So let’s do a round of introductions. We’ll start with Angel. You can tell us a little bit about you and your family.

ANGEL LAKETA-MOORE: Hello. My name is Angel Laketa-Moore. I am a wife and a mommy of three very rambunctious boys. I have a six year old and twins, they are seven months. They’re names are Kai and Sai.

On top of these their mother and being a wife, I am an actress, host, a stand-up comedienne, a blogger. I’ve worn many hats. Apparently, I like to be busy and thus, God gave me twins.

SUNNY GAULT: Because you can handle it.

ANGEL LAKETA-MOORE: Yes, that’s the best I get. It’s all blurred behind it. So that is why I am here on Twin Talks because I have twin boys and this show was such a help when I was pregnant. So I’m just so excited to be a part of this show today.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Welcome. All right, now we’re going to go to Lindsey M. We’re using initials because we have two Lindsey’s on the show with us today, so Lindsey M?

LINDSEY MCDERMID: Thanks for having me. My name is Lindsey McDermid and I work in public health. I’m creating healthy communities and helping people be healthy. So I’m excited about today’s topic.

I have a three year old boy who trained us very well for twins. They are still easier than he was at their age and his current age. So we have a six month old boy and girl. We’re just jumping into feeding them solids. So perfect timing.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: So you’re in the midst of it right now.

SUNNY GAULT: Yes, they are.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Okay and we’re going to turn it over to Lindsey Laurain. We’re going to call you EZPZ.



LINDSEY LAURAIN: Yes. I’m kind of found it. I’m the head. That is the name of my company. You know that was totally funny. Yes, that’s the name of my company. My company is called EZPZ. It’s just the letters E-Z-P-Z.

But I am actually a mom of twins. I am so impressed listening to the ladies on the phone because you guys are really [inaudible]. I was in a crazy place that I’ve spent my six month old then. So I impressed. Congratulations you guys.

So my boys – I have three boys. I have three and they are actually identical twins I guess. We have three and a half identical twin boys and they were a total shock. I just never thought we would have twins ever-ever-ever. Then we have an older boy as well who is five and a half. So we are and as everyone says and I’m freaking relieved. We have our hands full. Just kidding!

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: I think it is amazing how many twin moms really do have that entrepreneurial spirit. Because I think out of necessity, we’ve come across situations where we think: “There’s got to be a better way.”

SUNNY GAULT: Yes, seriously.

LINDSEY LAURAIN: My gosh! Seriously!


LINDSEY LAURAIN: You know that’s how it all happens.


SUNNY GAULT: I know totally. Yes. Hey guys! So you guys know me but I’m producing today’s show. I’ve got four kiddos of my own. My oldest is five, a boy and my middle guys is three – another boy. Then we’re like: “Hey! Let’s have a third.” Then we’re like: “Or four children total.”


SUNNY GAULT: We’ve got two girls. We have identical girls. Now we have a balanced mixed of boys and girls in the family which is good except the dog is a boy. I guess that kind of throws stuff off a little bit. But yes, happy to be here with all of you guys talking about twins.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: All right, I’ll introduce myself. So as your host, I’m Christine Stewart-Fitzgerald. I’ve got identical twin girls who are now six. I do have a singleton who is three and she actually thinks she’s six. So we call her the third twin. I’m learning. You know birth order, the little ones, they do. They figure it out pretty quickly especially if you got two older siblings to watch and observe.

So yes, it’s been easier the third time around.

SUNNY GAULT: Yes. You had practice, right? So that works.


[Theme Music]

SUNNY GAULT: Okay, so before we kick off today’s show which is you guys now is: “Talking about how to feed your messy toddler twins and some hacks that hopefully our parents have to help all of us out there.” We’re going to talk a little bit more in depth with Lindsey L. Lindsey Laurain, EZPZ Lindsey as we’ve been calling her. As you guys know, she already mentioned this but she is the founder of a company called EZPZ, mom of identical twin boys.

I actually first met Lindsey, I think it was about a year ago. We just had the ABC Kids Expo for this year. So it’s the previous one. I don’t think Lindsey; the product was even officially launched yet. But I had the chance to kind of meet with her and talk with her a little bit. I honestly just love this product. I was like: “When is this coming up? When is it coming out?”

My twinnies and my singletons, we use this at home. So I wanted to invite Lindsey on the show because I really do think that this is something that even if you have singletons, I mean this is not a twin specific product. But holy cow! When you do have twins, one throws something at meal and the other one feels like they’ve got to throw their bowl or whatever at meal time.

So anyways, Lindsey welcome to Twin Talks. Tell us more. I know you’ve got a couple of different products now. But tell us more about the Happy Mat. What’s the Happy Mat?

LINDSEY LAURAIN: Okay, yes. Like I’ve said, I kind of never thought I would be an entrepreneur. This all happens when our boy is about 20 months old, when [inaudible] my husband said and there’s need to be a better solution for meal time because everything would end up on the floor. So I started looking and nothing existed.

So they’re silicone-safe mat and they have bowls. They’re coming up with a mini version geared more towards high chairs. They suction to the table that just can’t talks inside the free from work. My favorite feature is the suction necessary anymore. But I just stack at this fat wall and … at the same time. So to do it, I just – most people on the call have three kids. I’m a math teacher. The department kind of forced me to serve the fruit and veggie, some sort of protein or carbohydrates instead all these kinds of add on kind of … than we were expecting. So the special meat community in, so … they can actually grab onto the mat and become self-feeders. It’s just fun. I can stop now.

SUNNY GAULT: I’ll chime in. I’ll chime in. Okay, this is tough because it’s an audio podcast. So visualize these guys. If you are sitting at a table, a lot of times you’ve got placemats. You’ve got bowls. You’ve got plate and all these kinds of stuff. So what Lindsey’s been able to do is really combine the place mat with a bowl.

Everything is silicone. You can put it in the dishwasher. It’s all in one kind of thing. What’s nice about that and what I think makes this product different than other products out there is that – and I’m thinking about the visual of actually Lindsey what your husband did when I first met you guys. That was: “He literally just dropped the mat on a table. Okay?”

It was an N’ Table and I remember this. He could pick up. He just dropped it down. He didn’t press on it. It wasn’t like suction cups. You’ve got to work at it. He just dropped it down. He could pick up the entire N’ Table by the bowl or plate of what was built in. So this thing – what’s so nice about it is: “Parents will have to work at it.”

It’s not like one of those things like I said, I don’t know. Suction cups at my house don’t usually work. So this is an entire thing. If you are kids are really messy, I don’t know. It’s like an all-in-one unit.

LINDSEY LAURAIN: My God. It’s so much better. That was really way better; another honest success of big bowl that it could work. Yes! That was an awesome.

ANGEL LAKETA-MOORE: Can I ask something really quickly? This is Angel.

SUNNY GAULT: Yes, go ahead. Yes.

ANGEL LAKETA-MOORE: My mouth dropped open because I have this mat. I didn’t realize until you said Happy Mat. I was like Happy Mat. My God! My six year old loved this mat. He was probably be the sloppiest eater on the planet of the earth.

It has been a game-changer in my house. I can’t wait right now. But my twins, they are too young to be self-feeder. But I know now like there’s no way that we’re doing this without something like this. It is such


ANGEL LAKETA-MOORE: I had no idea. It wasn’t until she said Happy Mat that I was like: “I know this.”

SUNNY GAULT: I know what that is.


ANGEL LAKETA-MOORE: It’s sitting on my dining room table right now. It’s a permanent fixture.


SUNNY GAULT: Okay. So we are going to put more information up on website so you guys can check this out. In fact, if you go to the deals page – so go to Click on deals because Lindsey has a special promo code going on and you guys can get the Happy Mat. Actually, I think it’s everything on the website right? Because it is not just the Happy Mat. It’s the bowls and all that kind of stuff.


SUNNY GAULT: Okay, so here’s what you need to do: “Go to EZPZ so the letters fun” If you enter promo code: “Twinmomsrock.” So one word: “twinmomsrock” you’re getting it 15% off on your entire order.

So everybody go out and get it because truly, a game changer at least in my house. It sounds like Angel in your house too – a big game changer, really helpful for twin parents. So Lindsey thanks so much for going out [inaudible 00:12:44] and creating this thing for us.

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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Well, we’re here today with parents who have navigated their way through the challenge of introducing solids to their twins or maybe they are in the thick of it right now. So thanks for joining us everyone. So it’s time to share your secrets and maybe you bought a gadget or gear like EZPZ or you’ve created your own. So let’s see here.

I think we heard that Lindsey M, I think you’re just in the middle of doing solids and Angel as well. Angel, you want to tell us about what you’re doing right now?

ANGEL LAKETA-MOORE: So as far as solids are going, I’m doing both some homemade puree and some prepackaged baby foods with my twins. What I have noticed is that: “I think I might just be lazy.” I think it’s true. I’m completely being honest. We have high chairs and we have something like that. But sometimes it seems like it is such an orchestration to get things set up.

But what I do a lot of time is just put them in their car seats because the car seats are already there. I do it on the floor. It has been a lot easier than getting the high chairs out, wiping them all and things of that nature. But as far as their daddy’s at, I’ve got specifically for the twins. They think alike because they were breakfast twins. They like the food nice and warm.

I’ve got the [inaudible] that change color. If the food is too hot, so that I can make sure that if I warmed up by the purees that it’s not too hot for them or anything like that. It tends to help if their food is better than just room temperature. If it’s a little bit warmer, they seemed to be a lot happier.

We’re trying different flavors or textures. So that’s been a big help. I don’t have to worry about if the phone turns white; I know that it is too early to feed it to them. So that’s been one of the nice things that I’ve tried. I’ve never because I don’t have to worry about like accidentally burning their tongue, their lips or anything like that. So that’s probably only things for the twins that I’ve got that I can say. Yes, this is helpful.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: That’s cool. I haven’t heard about that.

SUNNY GAULT: I haven’t heard about that before.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Yes. Temperature sensing spoon, who knew? Lindsey M, do you have any favorites that you’ve been using? What’s your approach too? Are you doing the purees or baby-led weaning, packaged foods or maybe it’s just a mix?

LINDSEY MCDERMID: Yes. So we’ve been starting out with purees. I was just the preface this. I was very daunted by the fact of starting solids with twins after going through with it with a singleton and all the extra time that it adds in this. Beginning with feeding time, cleaning time and everything combined time too. So I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised that it’s not as daunting as I was expecting.

So what we’ve tried to do is incorporate the feeding into our dinner time routine because that’s when we have two parents at home. It’s not necessarily the best approach because if you’re trying out new food then they have a reaction – that being reaction might happen in the middle of the night. But it what’s works for us. We’ve been able to just start with the oatmeal, cereal and have a bit of rice cereals since our boy wasn’t a fan of the oatmeal. But we’ve been able to do homemade purees as well.

We have a bi-weekly produce delivery that we prescribed too. So that’s been really handy because we have fresh fruits and vegetables coming in. Whatever they aren’t ready for it this age, I’m able to puree and save for in a freezer for later. But definitely when we’re out and about, we’re planning to use prepackaged food.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: That’s interesting. You talk about like the CSA, like having the fresh package from your local farmers delivered. You know I’ve heard one. Some other people say: “One of the best things is that, it forces you to be creative and have variety so you don’t get stuck into routine.”

So I’m wondering maybe that’s a great benefit that your kids are getting used to maybe some fruits and vegetables that you won’t necessarily find at the grocery store. So maybe they’re going to develop a more diverse palette than a lot of kids. What a great idea!

LINDSEY MCDERMID: Yes, of course. It’s actually a gift. It is a gift for our anniversary that someone gave us a year-long subscription. So it’s coming really handy for all of us. I did. The other, you know I want to make is that – I haven’t really made a process, a more doable to us is that: “Our pediatrician actually recommend that we start slow and just feed them once a day.”

When we do one real food a week for the first couple of months so that their stomachs will just, they just have to be okay and have time to adjust. From a time-saving perspective, that was also very nice to hear. Obviously, you do what works for you. But it works for starting out with switching every four days. Since it was nice to not feel like we totally rush them to it and it’s fine to take our time in getting them eat to each little food.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Yes. So now I have to say, “I think both of you have mentioned doing that the purees.” I’ll say for myself, “I did purees with my twins and making them at home. Using the little all-in-one steamer and pureeing it. I think it’s healthy. I did end up doing baby lead-weaning with my singleton.

I have to say that, “I just thought it was a lot easier from a process stand point and having less-less things.” I think EZPZ Laurain. I think you had mentioned using baby lead weaning.



SUNNY GAULT: She changed her name and changed it again.

LINDSEY LAURAIN: My gosh! Hilarious! Yes. Unfortunately, I think I said it so that our boys our – They will be four in February, the twins. So me, I did the puree thing. This is actually a mom in it and they were six months whenever I said that, “I mixed it up and try to get one spoonful and the next spoonful.”

Then now, I was in today like where I am today, now we’d like to deal and place a Happy Mat in the feed. The baby led weaning – you have to totally reach those kids but it’s like cutting an Avocado. It’s like a no-brainer in my mind. So I don’t know nothing about it because I actually didn’t see it. So like a mat, it’s so [inaudible]. I’m not joking. It’s like those cute things. That’s all you need and you’ll play with the kids. That’s kind of the stuff that a five or three year old is going to throw at you.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Yes. So now okay, actually kind of purees. So let’s see. One of the things I hear quite frequently is: “So should you do have one bowl and one spoon? Just kind of sit it in front of both babies and feed both of them or do you do two bowls and two spoons, one for each kid? How about let’s see. Lindsey M?

LINDSEY MCDERMID: We’re all about the one bowl, one spoon I think set up in our first meal. We realized that: “The bowl was going to work for us.” Especially because it’s unpredictable what their appetites would be – so one child might like one food more than another. So it’s just easier to try one bowl and then you don’t waste a lot that way.


ANGEL LAKETA-MOORE: Absolutely! I already preface that I’m a little bit lazy in feeding. So the thought of preparing two bowls is just like no! That is all. So we use one bowl, one spoon. If there is a second bowl involved, it’s just to distract the other one while I’m feeding one. I’m just like: “Here, you got the spoon.”

SUNNY GAULT: It’s a decoy.


CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Now lazy efficient. Efficient!

SUNNY GAULT: Efficient.

ANGEL LAKETA-MOORE: Yes. That’s what I’ll call it. I’m very efficient to use one bowl and one spoon.



CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: How about for first eating? Now I’ll just say, “When I first started my girls on solids, I mean we had high chairs that I’m just trying to remember.” There was the Italian kind. It did have like a surface where you can take the entire surface, lift the tray off. Then put it in the sink and wash it down which was very helpful.

SUNNY GAULT: Yes. That’s very popular now.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: We did that. So that was great for cleaning up. I do remember, now we have the Bumbo Chairs. We would put them on the floor and sit on the floor. I just have the Bumbo; I mean this is when they were really little. We kind of feed them one-by-one just sitting on the floor.

That kind of worked when we went to other people’s houses who didn’t necessarily have two high chairs for twins. So that was kind of our portable little feeding chairs on the go.

SUNNY GAULT: Well, that’s nice because they wipe off easily.


SUNNY GAULT: You know global chairs on the ground. You don’t have to worry about them falling over or whatever.



CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: So Lindsey M, I mean what’s your sitting solution right now?

LINDSEY MCDERMID: So we love the – I forgot what they just call that little space saver portable chairs. At first, we just used it for restaurants but they’re actually really handy to have around the house. I did want to share one other idea too that I have seen a fellow mom do which is next to the high chair. Their sitting arrangement, she has little cabbies that have everything they need for feeding time – wipes, books and toys for the kids.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: That’s a great idea. Just having it right because we know that they’re going to go through multiple items especially if it’s a cloth bib; it’s like: “Change, bib change!”

SUNNY GAULT: I know right.

LINDSEY MCDERMID: Right. They also had kind of really did feeding a big piece of vinyl that they take that from a fabric store. Because the flat mat I guess wasn’t big enough to cover the extent of the feeding frenzy. So that was another tip that we’re going to look into.

I really have a chance to mention it but I did just once who also a co-angels, enthusiasm about the Happy Mat and the EZPZ. Because I said that: “I think those are going to be a game changer for us this time around.”

LINDSEY LAURAIN: You know to be able to have their kids at dinner with you. I think I grew up around the table as a kid. It was like a big memory. I definitely even with the boys were younger do not have that. Get in high chairs away and definitely separate. So now again, they love the Happy Mat. It’s like, we all can sit together. So thanks. I do appreciate it and that’s what it’s all about. It’s making people’s lives easier.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Yes, making life easier. That should be our motto or tag line. Okay, we’re going to take a break. When we come back, we’re going to talk more about the tricks and tips for getting food in the baby’s mouth and keeping it off the floor.

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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: So welcome back. Today we’re talking with our expert parents about how to successfully introduce solid foods to your twins. So we’re continuing our discussion about some of the logistics. So let’s just see here. Maybe we can even just touch on sort of keeping clothes clean. I mean that’s just a huge thing. I know I remember when I was just new to twins and even doing laundry, I was pulling my hair out.

Now I’ll just say, “My secret, my saving grace was instead of having a bib; I actually found they are like knee-length vinyl smocks.” So I think it’s Baby Bjorn. So I actually went through about three or four of them each because we use them for about probably a good two years.

It literally covers them all the way down to their wrists. Their sleeves are completely covered. Their laps are completely covered. I mean it was just like: “Okay, here you go.” Then the food kind of just fell down to the floor. So I’m like: “Okay, I’d rather get food on the floor than get it on their clothes.” So that was like my one thing. I don’t know.

How about you guys? Did you have any sort of bibs or anything that sort of assisted with that?

LINDSEY LAURAIN: Well, to keep the food from getting on my twin’s clothes is that, “A lot of times they are down to their cloth diaper.”


ANGEL LAKETA-MOORE: Yes. I’m just: “You know what? Let’s not [inaudible 00:25:37-38]. Let me get you out of your clothes.” But the biggest thing when they are dressed is that: “I don’t put the bowl anywhere within arms-reached of them.” Because there’s so many hands to try to pay attention to it. The hands are coming like an octopus. They are coming from everywhere. So I put the bowl away from them.

Typically whenever I am feeding, I just have to put or use one hand. So like put my hand in their lap because their hand will go to my hand and then I’ll feed them with the other. So I typically don’t. The use of tray; if you’re doing purees, if you’re not doing baby led-weaning – if you’re doing puree is, “The use of trays and putting food on the tray is just you’re asking for disaster, a spill to happen.”

I just make sure the food is away from them. The other thing that they can get to is possibly the phone. Sometimes they tricked me. They flap, flew out of my hands. If I can distract them with my other hand, I can simply get a spoon in their mouth without they’re being a huge mess happening.

But I learned early on that no point in thinking that I compared it to do a bowl, four hands and a mouth. Let’s leave the bowl out of the situation. So like have the hands and the mouth to pay attention to.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Talk about multi-tasking.


CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: I think twin moms; we get the price for multitasking.


CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: You are talking about keeping the food off the clothes and how about the floor too?

SUNNY GAULT: Get a dog. That’s my advice to everybody. If you don’t have already have one, go get. Go to the Human Shelter or whatever.


SUNNY GAULT: Get a dog.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Well, make sure that they are house trained first.

SUNNY GAULT: Get an older dog that is already house trained.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Well, I’m just wondering. Now did you guys just put your babies on like a tiled floor kitchen area? Did you put any mats? I’ve seen kind of this sort of removable mat type of things that go underneath high chairs – that kind of thing. What was your approach? How about Lindsey M?

LINDSEY MCDERMID: So I like the recommendation to just feed them in the tub to be extra efficient. Yes, I know. Again, you can do the big vinyl mat on the floor. I also heard of parents who bring their own garbage bag when they go out to restaurants. I don’t know if this will be trying to go out to restaurants now they have twins and a toddler. But that was the other tip that I’d seen.

We have a dog. So we’ve got the dog option which I totally recommend.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Yes. Lindsey EZPZ, anything that you use that was helpful?

LINDSEY LAURAIN: I think I’ve passed that time of my life out and I don’t remember. The twins never wore shirts. I would always have them just kind in their kinder diapers. I sort of feel like, “They always wear their diapers.”


SUNNY GAULT: I even do that with my five and three year old. I’m like, “You get in their underwear because I know you’re going to make a mess.” Spaghetti stuff, forget about it.

LINDSEY LAURAIN: Never always, yes.

CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Well, I can even say I mean don’t be ahead with the kids when they’re – you know toddler’s summertime popsicles


CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: I just have everybody go outside. Then I hose them down. Well, we’re going to wrap this up. I just want to say, “Thanks everyone for joining us today. Be sure to visit our episode page on our website for more information about Feeding Solids as well as links to additional resources.”

This conversation continues for members of our Twin Talks Club. After the show, we’ll talk about, “What you can do when only one twin seems to be hungry.” For more information about the Twin Talks Club, visit our website

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SUNNY GAULT: All right Twin Talks, it’s time for a fun segment we have on the show called: “We’re expecting what?” It’s where you guys tell us the funny story of how you found out you are pregnant with multiples. Usually, it’s pretty funny. Sometimes people cry but for good reasons right? So this one comes from Angela.

Angela writes:

“Once my son turned two, my husband and I talked about having another baby. With my job being unstable, we decided to wait. Once a solid job opportunity came along, we began trying. I was disappointed when we didn’t conceive right away and I began to thank God for my three year old son. Ask him to change the desires of my heart if it wasn’t his will or us to have another baby. My sister then announced that she was pregnant. I began to feel even worse.

A month later, I took a test and it was positive. We went to the doctor when I was five weeks pregnant. I was filled with joy when the doctor said – okay. There’s the first heartbeat and then there’s the second heartbeat. My husband on the other hand was horrified. I have to convince him to just have one more, one more than his single child.

I’ve always wanted three children. He gulped and said to the doctor – what? Are you sure twins? No way! Are you sure? The doctor kept repeating himself as he showed us the two embryos on the ultrasound monitor. God has a sense of humor because the babies are due on my husband’s birthday.”


SUNNY GAULT: I love how that works out. Angela. Thank you so much for sending this over to us. If you guys have a story that you want to share with our audience about how you found out you were pregnant with your multiples, please let us know.

You can always e-mail us through our website at We have a new option where you can actually record a voicemail right through our website. So go to our website for more information on that.

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CHRISTINE STEWART-FITZGERALD: Well that wraps up our show for today. We appreciate you listening to Twin Talks.
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