“Empowering New Parents”

Parent Savers is an audio podcast providing new parents with practical information to help preserve their sanity. Both moms and dads discuss common parenting concerns for their infants and toddlers. With the help of our experts, parents get the superhero strength they need to tackle the world and the next dirty diaper.

The Hosts

Johner Riehl

Johner plays a lot of different roles in life: Freelance Writer, PR Consultant, Happy Husband, Book Author, Family Tech Expert. But the job he enjoys most is being a Dad, which is why he loves being a part of Parent Savers so much.

After spending more than a dozen years working publicity for companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, Midway, and more, Johner found his true passion with the birth of his first son in 2007. When he’s not spending time with at least one of the kids, he focuses his writing on topics that are of interest to families.

In addition to working for Parent Savers, Johner is the founder of a free resource for parents that provides information on games that are appropriate for families and different-aged kids. He’s also co-author of the Modern Parent’s Guidebook series of books aimed at teaching parents about safe technology practices and contributes articles regularly to sites such as,, and more.

Johner and his wife Christina now have three boys, each born a little more than two years apart. As far as they know they are done having kids, which should hopefully allow Johner to focus even more time and energy on writing, promoting, and speaking about issues that matter to families.

Erin Esteves

Erin brings a wealth of skill and insight to the Parent Savers team. With multiple production credentials under her belt, Erin has had her hand in everything from commercials and weekly newscasts to awards ceremonies and art shows. Her flair for media production runs in the family; Erin's husband is an Emmy-award-winning investigative journalist!

Her nickname “OG Mamacita” is a name she made up when doctors pronounced her pregnancy at the age of 40 as “geriatric”. As a silver-lining kinda gal, she decided to make that classification all her own and to wear it with pride. She gave it her own spin and started referring to herself as the “Officially Geriatric” Mamacita- to embrace her Mexican heritage with her tongue well placed in cheek.

Erin appreciates and requires a village of support, input, and shared experiences to muddle her way through motherhood and life in general. This is why the position at New Mommy Media is such a fantastic fit. She loves the opportunity to discuss topics of all sorts and to learn each and every day – podcasting about parenthood is a labor of love. So, if you don't offend easily and you know that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes – and frequency of interaction, jump on board!

Erin lives in San Diego with her family. She has lived in the U.S., Mexico, and France and is fluent in both Spanish and French. She enjoys cooking, art, world cultures, and following current global events.

KC Wilt

In a word, KC Wilt is passionate. She's passionate about traveling. She has gained incredible experiences by living and traveling all over the world. She has been to over 30 countries and loves seeing how other people ‘do' life. She's passionate about kids. From the moment KC turned double digits (10 years old) she was allowed to babysit.

Throughout her young life, she loved kids and working with them and continued to work in camps and childcare throughout her adult life. She's passionate about her family. So when her husband and she decided to start a family of their own it was just a natural extension of her everyday life of working with kids…except for the lack of sleep. She's now come to believe that the lack of sleep and the non-stop screaming of a newborn can take away all patience and control and make new mommies and daddies feel crazy and second-guess having kids, but with the next coo, smile or kiss can melt away any angst or doubts of how life could be any better!

KC is passionate about finding ways to help new parents and continues to learn from the experts to help make this thing called parenthood filled with love and joy! You might see KC talking to herself, crying in public, or covering her baby with kisses and she's learned it is all a part of this particular time in life. A time that goes by too quickly… and a time where she desires to be fully present and always passionate.