Why Is My Milk Supply Decreasing?

You and your baby are off to a great start with breastfeeding- and then all of the sudden you think your milk supply is starting to decrease. Is that really the case? How much milk does your baby need and how can you overcome challenges such as growth spurts and distractions?

Swaddling Your Baby

If your baby seems irritable or she’s having a hard time sleeping, you may want to consider swaddling. It just makes sense that your child would feel most comfortable in an environment that’s more similar to your baby felt while being cradled in your womb. How do you successfully swaddle your baby, what type of swaddles typically work best and do all babies really need to be swaddled? Plus, what safety precautions should you take to make sure your baby is safe?

Baby Skin Conditions: Common Skin Irritations

We’re continuing our ongoing series focused on baby skin conditions. Did you know many babies are prone to skin irritation in the first few months after birth? Learn more about what to expect.

Vanishing Twin Syndrome

You’ve been told you’re pregnant with twins. Later, you learn that one of your babies no longer has a heartbeat. This is known as the vanishing twin syndrome. Why does this happen and what does it mean for your surviving child?

Childbirth Preparation Methods: Hypnobirthing

Looking for a way to soar through your surges by relaxing the fear that tenses your body and triggers pain during childbirth? Then you may want to try hypnobirthing. Learn the basics of this method before you sign up for a class.

Breastfeeding Toddlers: Night Nursing and Weaning

You had so many questions about breastfeeding toddlers that we had to release another episode! Learn more about nursing strategies at night and during naptime as well as ways to gently wean your toddler.

The Truth About Baby Poop

Dealing with your baby’s poop is just one of the many joys of new parenting. But besides being a bit gross, you can also learn a lot about your baby’s overall health. So, what should you expect within the first few weeks of birth? What do the different colors mean? What should you do if your baby is constipated? Plus, our panelists share their most memorable poop surprises!

Water Safety: Lessons for Survival

Drowning is the #1 cause for accidental infant deaths. Fortunately, there are water safety programs designed to save lives at the pool, at the beach, and many other places.

Preparing Your Twin Nursery

You’ve got double the babies, but that doesn’t mean you have double the space. What should you consider when designing your twin nursery? We’ll explore all types of ideas, from the practical to the posh!

Miscarriage and Stillbirth: Pregnancy After Loss

If you’ve lost a child, you may be hesitant to get pregnant again. How can pregnant mothers who’ve experienced loss maintain an emotionally healthy pregnancy? How can you avoid additional stress and worry that’s unhealthy for both you and your developing child?

Ways to Combat Nursing in Public Harassment

Many women face harassment and ridicule while nursing their children in public. What does this harassment typically look like? What exactly are the laws that protect a woman’s right to nurse in public? And what should you do if this happens to you?

Baby’s Bath: Home, Hospital and Beyond

Giving birth to your baby is usually pretty messy, right? So, it’s only natural we would want to bathe our babies immediately. But could there be benefits to delaying that first bath? And when you do decide to bathe your new baby, how should you do it? Should you buy a special baby tub, or perhaps bathe with your baby? And what about those strange baths in the kitchen sink?

Travel With Kids

Nervous to travel with kids this holiday season? What are the common pitfalls many parents face? And how can you overcome these issues and avoid major meltdowns as you travel to see friends and family during the next couple months?

Encouraging Twin Individuality

Twins have a special bond, unlike any other relationship. They may be alike in many ways, but they are still special in their own ways. How do you encourage twin individuality while still allowing them to celebrate their unique twin qualities?

Plus Size Pregnancy

If you’re overweight, pregnancy can be a bit more challenging. How is pregnancy different for plus-size women? What simple steps can help you create the safest and most healthy pregnancy possible?

Breastfeeding After Previous Low Milk Supply

You experienced low milk supply before, can you expect the same problems to occur in the future? What are some of the causes of low milk supply and what are some ways to increase it?

Delayed Postpartum Depression: Self Care

Being a parent inevitably involves sacrifice. There less money, less sleep, and less time for yourself. As a mother, finding time to care for yourself is essential but can seem like an impossible task. Not only may it seem impractical, but it may even feel selfish. How can you find the time and energy to help yourself so you can care for your children? How do you overcome guilty feelings of putting yourself before the needs of others?

Baby Skin Conditions: Eczema

Eczema is a common problem among babies, and there are other skin conditions your little one may experience early in life. What are the common skin issues, what should you be looking for and what are some effective ways to treat them?

Twin Developmental Milestones: Speech and Language

We’re launching a new series focused on the developmental milestones for twins, such as speech. Are twins more susceptible to having speech problems? What signs should parents look for? What type of therapy is available for your twins, if needed?

Taking Medications While Pregnant

Not all drugs are created equal. Some are perfectly fine for pregnant women and some you should keep out of reach for the next nine months. Learn more about your options when considering the most common over-the-counter medications.

Birth Interventions: The Impact on Breastfeeding

With cesarean, induction and epidural rates at an all-time high, what effects might birth interventions have on your ability to meet your breastfeeding goals and what are your options if these interventions are absolutely needed?

Postpartum Nutrition for New Moms

Your baby is here! But you’re so busy taking care of your little one that you forget to take care of yourself. Sound familiar? But did you know that good nutrition is super important for new moms- whether your breastfeeding your baby or your simply helping your body heal from childbirth. Today we’ll explore some great ways to get nutritious foods into your diet, without overwhelming your schedule.

Power Struggles with Your Children

Power struggles while parenting is common, but it can also be stressful, unpleasant and negatively impact the relationship with your child? What’s really happening during these power struggles and how do you work through them?

Managing Emotions During Twin Pregnancy

Learning you’re pregnant with twins can certainly send you on an emotional rollercoaster. In this episode, our twin moms share how they felt about being pregnant with twins. What initial concerns did they have? How did they manage any additional stress?