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Prenatal Testing and Genetic Counseling

Parents-to-be usually receive the option of testing for genetic defects. Learn more about prenatal testing and genetic counseling available to help decipher the results of these tests.

Childbirth Preparation Methods: Hypnobirthing

Looking for a way to soar through your surges by relaxing the fear that tenses your body and triggers pain during childbirth? Then you may want to try hypnobirthing. Learn the basics of this method before you sign up for a class.

Miscarriage and Stillbirth: Pregnancy After Loss

If you’ve lost a child, you may be hesitant to get pregnant again. How can pregnant mothers who’ve experienced loss maintain an emotionally healthy pregnancy? How can you avoid additional stress and worry that’s unhealthy for both you and your developing child?

Plus Size Pregnancy

If you’re overweight, pregnancy can be a bit more challenging. How is pregnancy different for plus-size women? What simple steps can help you create the safest and most healthy pregnancy possible?

Producer Picks

Pregnancy Forums: Cracking the Code of Acronyms

There are tons of pregnancy forums online. Finding these forums isn’t the hard part, but trying to understand what people are trying to say can be quite a challenge. Why are these forums full of acronyms? What are the most common acronyms used during pregnancy and what do they actually mean? We’re decoding this secret online language!

Switching Care Providers Mid-Pregnancy

You’re mid-pregnancy and you need to change your medical care provider. Eeek! So, what happens next? How do you tactfully “break-up” with your current provider and how do you (quickly) find someone new who can help you? What about transferring medical records and billing? Our heads are spinning just thinking about it!

I’m Pregnant, Now What?

You’ve just peed on the stick and it’s positive. Now what? Most care providers will schedule your first prenatal appointment at the eight week mark. So, what are you supposed to do in the meantime? We’re answering some of the main questions you’ll have during this time, especially if this is your first baby.

Dealing with Gender Disappointment

You “ordered” one gender, but got the other. You’re upset, and you’re also feeling guilty about being upset. We get it! In this episode… four honest and open moms share their struggles with gender disappointment.