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Fetal Non-Stress Tests During Pregnancy, Preggie Pals

Fetal Non-Stress Tests During Pregnancy

There are many reasons you may need to have a fetal non-stress test, or NST, during your pregnancy. Perhaps your baby isn’t moving as much as before or perhaps you have a high risk pregnancy. So, how are these tests performed, and are there any risks to mom and baby? Also, what typically happens if the results are abnormal?

Choosing Your Health Care Provider Series, Preggie Pals

Choosing Your Health Care Provider: Lactation Consultants

You’re planning to breastfeed your baby once he arrives. But what happens if your breastfeeding experience doesn’t happen as perfectly as you planned? How can a board-certified lactation consultant help you on your journey? What are some of the benefits in adding one to your team of health care providers? Plus, how to find a lactation consultant who best fits you and your breastfeeding needs.

Childbirth Preparation Methods, Preggie Pals Series

Childbirth Preparation Methods: Bini Birth

Bini Birth explores many different methods of childbirth, approaching birth as an individual process that each woman explores in her own way. Today we’ll hear from its creator Ana Paula Markel. What are the main principles behind this practice? What are the most effective ways to learn its principles? And what should you expect if you take a class?

Common Bacteria Infections in Pregnancy, Preggie Pals

Common Bacterial Infections in Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you can easily become a breeding ground for bacterial infections. Today we’re discussion some of the most common infections such as yeast infections, urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis and Group B Strep. How are these infections diagnosed and treated in pregnancy? Our panelists share their personal experience!

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Stretch Marks 411, Preggie Pals

Stretch Marks 411

You’ve probably heard horror stories about stretch marks, right? But what exactly are stretch marks and what causes them? Do lotions, creams and other procedures really work? And is there any way to prevent them?

The Risks and Benefits of VBACS, Preggie Pals

VBAC: The Risks and Benefits

Are you considering a vaginal birth after cesarean, also known as a VBAC? There are several factors that determine whether or not you are a good candidate for this type of birth. Today we’ll be discussing the risks and benefits of having a vaginal birth versus a repeat cesarean.

How to Know When You're in Labor, Preggie Pals

How To Know When You’re in Labor

Whether this is your first baby, or your fifth baby… every pregnancy is different so it may be difficult to tell if you are really in labor. What are some of the common “warning signs”? What’s the ideal way to count your contractions? And when should you leave home and head for the hospital?

Toxins and Pregnancy, Preggie Pals

Toxins and Pregnancy

Throughout your pregnancy, it’s important to be mindful of things which could negatively impact you or your unborn child- including toxins which are everywhere — from the air we breathe and the food we eat. So, what are the most important toxins to be concerned about?

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