Pregnancy Forums: Cracking the Code of Acronyms

There are tons of pregnancy forums online. Finding these forums isn't the hard part, but trying to understand what people are trying to say can be quite a challenge. Why are these forums full of acronyms? What are the most common acronyms used during pregnancy and what do they actually mean? We're decoding this secret language so you can be better prepared when seeking help online.

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The Preggie Pals
Pregnancy Forums: Cracking the Code of Acronyms


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STEPHANIE GLOVER: You found that you’re pregnant, naturally, you’re hitting the web for due date calculations information on what to expect and ultimately find yourself on a pregnancy forum, but what the heck are these women talking about? BFP, AF, OPK, EBF, SAHM, say what? This is a foreign language but have no fear. Today, we’re cracking the code of pregnancy foreign acronyms and terminology on Preggie Pals.

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STEPHANIE GLOVER: Welcome to Preggie Pals, broadcasting from The Birth Education Center of San Diego. Preggie Pals is your online on the go support group for expecting parents and those hoping to become pregnant. I'm your host, Stephanie Glover. We’ve cover topics for every phase of pregnancy.

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SUNNY GAULT: All right, so we’d love to hear from our listeners. We’d love for your guys to participate in our show. We have some different segments that you can be part of. The first one that I want to mention is when you have questions regarding your pregnancy obviously if it’s something like you need immediate answer to you know, contact your OP or your midwife but if they’re just more general questions, we would love to know those questions are and we have a team of experts that can answer those questions and what we do is we take your question, we take their answer and we put that on a future episode.

Any questions, you can send them to us and we’ll try to get those answered. Let’s see, what else can I say, one of the things that . . . it’s kind of new to our website but we’re talking about what you do when you get on these different forms and you start talking in stuff like that. We have a due date calculators. If you guys aren’t pregnant yet or and maybe you’re trying to get pregnant or whatever, we do have that on our website. So there’s a due date calculator and we also have a counter that can show you when you’re probably ovulating, both of those are on the New Mommy Media website. So it might some good links to just bookmark if you’re kind of in the transitions now and may need that information in the future, so we’re kind of providing a one stop shot for all of that.

For the questions that I was saying, if you want to ask our expert any questions you can do that to our website, go to the contact link and you can submit that way, also you can do it right through your computer which is pretty cool. There’s like a grey little banner on the side and says send voice mail or submit voice mail something like that, click that and you can use the microphone on your computer to send a message straight through the internet which is kind of cool. Those are couple of different ways that you can participate on our show.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Thank you Sunny. Let’s go ahead and get to know our panelist just a little bit better. We will all introduce ourselves. I'll go first. I'm Stephanie Glover. I'm the host of Preggie Pals and also a trained childbirth educator. I'm 33. Not pregnant. I have two kiddos, Gretchen and Lydia. Gretchen is four, she was my C-section baby and Lithia is two and she was my VBAC baby. Sunny?

SUNNY GAULT: All right, so I’ve four kiddos too. I'm not planning to have any more unless an oops baby kind of comes along the way but yeah, so my oldest is five and he’s a boy. I have a three year old boy and then I have twin girls who are just over two.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Awesome. We’ve got some ladies on the phone joining us today, so Dina, why don’t you introduce yourself.

DINA: I'm Dina. I am an employee of University of Colorado Hospital. I have two boys at home, six and two and a half.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Awesome! Thanks for joining us. How about you Elisha?

ELISHA: Hi. I'm Elisha. I am from National Tennessee. I'm a sales representative here from IT Company. I am 24, pregnant with my very first baby, baby girl due on June.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Wonderful. Welcome.

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SUNNY GAULT: Before we kick off today’s show, sometimes we like to talk about pregnancy headlines, things that are just kind of making arounds on the internet and I just look for headlines that are going to catch my attention, and this one did, should women avoid potatoes before pregnancy? And this strikes occurred with me because potatoes are kind of my best friend and there’s a lot of different ways to use potatoes and I think I’ve tried everything specially when it gets into the fried stuff, yeah, that’s really what I want when I am pregnant. Let me tell you a little bit about this study.

Some researcher suggested that laying off the potatoes would be a good idea since a new study finds that women who eat more potatoes before conceiving may face a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes when pregnant. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that develops during pregnancy and it can affect the health of both the expecting mom and her baby.

They’re basically saying that there was a study 15,000 women took part in this study from 1991 to 2001. They track consumption of potatoes and other foods every four years and they also track this pregnancy. Over ten year period, out of 21,693 pregnancies, there were 854 cases of gestational diabetes, and that’s kind of where they’re getting these crazy numbers for. They said, we found that a diet with a higher level of potato consumption before pregnancy was related to a greater risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy.

What do you guys think of this? Stephanie, let’s start with you.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Do they track though what they were eating in pregnancy as well, did it say?

SUNNY GAULT: Yes. It says scientist track consumption of potatoes and other foods.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: I guess where I could see it is that if you already have a diet that’s like high and that type of like carb sugar then maybe you’re more likely if you continue that diet to get GD but again it’s just one of those, it’s just another thing to not eat at some point in your life. I guess the alternatives. I don’t know if they touched on this would be like a sweet potato or a yam.

SUNNY GAULT: Yeah, by substituting the following foods for two servings of potatoes per week. They estimated reductions in Gestational diabetes by blah, blah, blah. I guess they did kind of go through in less some alternatives. Listen, I had gestational diabetes with my second pregnancy. Didn’t have it with any other pregnancy which is kind of strange because they’ve usually say once you get it you’re probably going to get it with the other pregnancies. It was hard enough to follow like everything that they were, I mean, even the peanut butter that you eat like everything has to change. The whole diet changes and honestly, thank goodness, I wasn’t diagnosed into … I mean, I'm literally was like 34 weeks pregnant when they finally diagnose me with gestational diabetes.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: So you didn’t have very long to follow the diet?

SUNNY GAULT: I didn’t. No, about halfway through, they said, may you want to start to modify your diet, but I kept doing those three hour test and all the stuff. I had to take it multiple times. It’s hard enough to do. What gets me about this is they say avoid it even before pregnancy and a lot of times, we don’t know like I don’t know about you guys.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yeah, surprise.

SUNNY GAULT: Surprise, you pee on a stick and you’re pregnant. For people that maybe a really big planners but I don’t know. I don’t think this really would’ve work for me. Ladies, you guys have any thoughts on the phone?

DINA: I think all things are great in moderation period. I think if we add potatoes into our diet as long as we’re keeping it at a moderate level, I don’t think we’re going to have any concerns about testing positive for GD. I think it’s kind of ridiculous if they would try to identify that as a trigger for GD.

SUNNY GAULT: Yeah, since there’ll be so many other factors you have to consider not just potato consumption.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yeah, I mean, just don’t only eat potatoes when you’re probably full.

SUNNY GAULT: Yeah, and all the candy bars is so fine, just don’t eat the potatoes seriously. All right Elisha?

ELISHA: Yeah. I completely agree and also with what Stephanie said because I was a psychology major, so any of these studies always makes me think okay, what actual factors are being used here. What things could’ve been complexing? What was actually being measured? It makes me think maybe the result came from its potatoes and maybe some other things combined that are just kind of naturally in that diet for that person then maybe but I don’t feel like I was daydreaming anything right now by just being able to have potatoes, and that would be a trouble too because baby girls love craving steak of potatoes…

SUNNY GAULT: Yup. Okay, so we’re going to put the link on our Facebook page so you guys can check out the article if you want to see and also some of the substitutes that they recommend and it might be worth just checking out. I mean, if you like some of the substitutes, you know, hey, maybe try doing it and see what happens. All right, thanks ladies.

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STEPHANIE GLOVER: Today, we’re mixing it up a bit format wise. Typically we have an expert join us here on studio or sometimes over the phone but we’re just kind of winging it today because we’re talking about acronyms in the pregnancy forums. We’re going to crack that code and we’re just going to have a conversation about it and probably laugh and trip on our words a little bit.

SUNNY GAULT: Yeah, and I think we could get even if we want to get and expert for this. When we say expert, on acronyms but I don’t think there is woman…

STEPHANIE GLOVER: It could even this someone from Websters, right?


STEPHANIE GLOVER: We’re just going to go through and have some fun. We’ve touched on a few acronyms there in the intro. I don’t know about you ladies but when I stumbled upon my first pregnancy forum, I just had no idea what anybody was talking about and I was constantly looking up terms and Googling these acronyms and these other kind of phrases that popped up now and then. I wanted to just sort of start the conversation by asking you ladies if you remember any that stood out to you or super confused you that ultimately had to like look up. Sunny, did anything bring about or stand out to you?

SUNNY GAULT: I have to be honest and maybe it’s because we do these shows like I feel like this is like my little group. I rarely post in like different online pregnancy forums and stuff. I do remember going to them in the beginning and being just totally freaked out like did not, I mean, I'm seriously didn’t need a dictionary and honestly, I never really think I got passed that point. It was something that detoured me and I was like do I really want to invest all the time to figure out this stuff or do I just want to rely on other methods to get my information and stuff? And so, I went with option B.


SUNNY GAULT: I was one of those onlookers but even now like when I'm doing research for the shows and stuff, sometimes the information I'm looking for in the forums and I still have to go back and I'm just like, this is great. I'm really glad we’re doing this episode because maybe it will help me.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: It’s a refresher course.


STEPHANIE GLOVER: Dina and I know each other from an online moms group. I think it started in forum format but then we moved over to Facebook. There’s little bit more accountability with real names and faces.

SUNNY GAULT: Yeah, exactly.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Dina, were there any acronyms that stood out to you when you started your whole pregnancy journey that you were like, what the heck I have to put this up?

DINA: Yeah, so like EWCM, Egg White Cervical Mucus.



DINA: I was like, what on earth?

SUNNY GAULT: I think it’s because people just don’t want to spell out the words. Maybe they don’t even know how to spell them all. They’re like, just letters please.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Okay. Actually that’s an acronym I threw in for a little bit later but I think that it’s kind of important probably they just touched on briefly why that would even be talked about and that’s usually when you’re talking about conception, the consistency of your cervical mucus when it’s egg whitey, it’s around ovulation.


STEPHANIE GLOVER: Why that would even come up but yeah, I brought it up with my husband. I was reading through the script with him a little bit and he’s like, what if, why, what? I said, yeah, maybe I should say why that would even be talked about.


STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yeah, that’s a good one. Elisha, how about you?

ELISHA: Well, I get emails and I'm part of the June 2016 group and so every day, I get to see new post. I'm mostly just onlooker not really a participator but I remember, I was so confused whenever I saw it. It was DH, DS, and DD which is dear husband, dear son, dear daughter. It took me the longest time to figure out what in the world they are talking about. And then, finally I just started Googling and then it was all revealed to me. I also remember with other ones, I would try to figure out what they could possibly means but it usually have nothing to do with what I actually make sense to me. It was just a kind of fun game for me.

SUNNY GAULT: See, I thought it was dedicated husband. It’s dear husband?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: It’s dear husband, technically, yeah.

SUNNY GAULT: Why dear?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: I don’t know because I don’t call my husband that I mean, I love him but in conversation I'm not like my dear husband.

SUNNY GAULT: Yeah, it’s weird.



STEPHANIE GLOVER: Okay. I thought for fun. I'm going to read through a few sentences. I'll start it sort of simple and then it will get more complex. Whoever is first to think that they can translate this just say your name and then give it a go because I think it would be fun. Number one, “My DH and I hope to get a BFP when I P-O-A-S.”

DINA: Dina.

SUNNY GAULT: Okay. Dina, go for it.

DINA: My Dear Husband and I hope to get a Big Fat Positive when I Pee On A Stick.



STEPHANIE GLOVER: Oh yeah. I think I said BFP but I wrote it BPF, yeah.

SUNNY GAULT: I'm looking at the script. That was unfair because I'm looking at the script, I mean what the, you know what is a BPF. I could figure out POAS.



STEPHANIE GLOVER: So BFP would be a Big Fat Positive on a pregnancy test and BFN, Big Fat Negative. Okay, number two, “My RE recommends IUI or IVF.

SUNNY GAULT: I feel like this one is a little easier because those acronyms at the end are common terminology just in our space but I still don’t know what RE stands for.


ELISHA: I wish I could see it because I'm trying to figure it out in my head.

SUNNY GAULT: Trust me, it doesn’t help.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: It doesn’t help. Sunny can see it. RE is Reproductive Endocrinologist.


STEPHANIE GLOVER: I think I said that right.


ELISHA: I think we got on that anyway.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: I have to say I actually pull that because I think the group that Dina and Irene someone kept posting about REs and I didn’t know and I'm kind of in the birth world so I had to Google it. And IUI is?

SUNNY GAULT: Intra Uterine Insemination.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Intra Uterine Insemination and then, IVF is In Vitro Fertilization, there we go. Okay, number three, “I plan to be an SAHM which will support my efforts to EBF.”

SUNNY GAULT: I got, it. Sunny, Sunny, okay, I'm very excited about this. I plan to be a Stay At Home Mom which will support my efforts to Exclusively Breast Feed.


SUNNY GAULT: What’s my prize?

ELISHA: I actually think about it too.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Speak red. Okay, last one now. Here we go, “This might be TMI but while we TTC, I tracked my BBT and EWCM before SONI DTD.”

SUNNY GAULT: What, that is so much of alphabet soup right there.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: And I'm sorry because my caller is realer should be able to see that so I'm going to say it one more time, “This might be TMI but while we TTC, I tracked my BBT and EWCM before SONI DTD.

SUNNY GAULT: Did you make this effort? Did you actually see in somewhere?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: No, I made this up, anybody?

SUNNY GAULT: It’s hard.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: It’s hard because it’s long because you can’t see it.

SUNNY GAULT: And you can’t see it.

ELISHA: I should’ve wrote that down while you’re saying it.

SUNNY GAULT: Let’s just break it down step by step.


ELISHA: Too Much Information.


SUNNY GAULT: Trying To Conceive.

ELISHA: Trying To Conceive.


ELISHA: Basal Body Temperature.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Good job. Then we already talk to the EWCM which is the Egg White Cervical Mucus.

SUNNY GAULT: Oh my gosh.


ELISHA: Significant Others.


ELISHA: Do The Deed.


SUNNY GAULT: Do the deed?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Do the deed, A.K.A. sexual intercourse.

SUNNY GAULT: This is technical now. It’s getting really technical, wow.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: This was quite the story. There’s might be too much information but while we were trying to conceive, I check my basal body temperature and egg white cervical mucus before my significant other and I did the deed.

SUNNY GAULT: Oh my goodness.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: This is what the forms look like.

SUNNY GAULT: It is, it is.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: It’s just crazy.

SUNNY GAULT: Because we don’t want to type anything out.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: But then it’s like unless you are seasoned, you don’t know what the heck is going on. So as you can see in some of these examples, in pregnancy forums, we cover topics from conception through parenting styles. It always comes up even if you’re pregnant especially before you’re even a parent the first time, you might have some ideas about how you’re going to parent and then of course those change.


STEPHANIE GLOVER: We go over all sorts of topics and they can be confusing. I thought that we would go over just some of the common acronyms that sort of precede or get right to the point of pregnancy because they still come up and they just might be confusing. I mean, what all do too because I don’t want to just list them like a glossary so we can still go through and chat and you know, you guys can try to guess if that’s helpful if you’re listening and play along.

SUNNY GAULT: Right, and we should put this on a list like a handout and put a link to it on our site in that way.


SUNNY GAULT: Will post in all of the pregnancy force, yes. If you’re having trouble figuring this out, there’s a handout, there’s a glossary, yes.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: All right, AF, anyone know what that is?

SUNNY GAULT: So I can’t look at it.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yeah, that’s true, yeah Sunny is out.

SUNNY GAULT: I'm out for that one.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: This is tricky too because not only are there acronyms but then there’s acronyms for like nicknames of things which makes it like twice as hard, so AF is Aunt Flow and it’s not even your period, it’s Aunt flow AF. That one can be tricky too. Hey, when is the last you had an AF? I don’t know, what is that? Is that a food? I don’t know.

SUNNY GAULT: Does it taste good?


DINA: DPO? Days Past Ovulation.



STEPHANIE GLOVER: That’s going to come up a lot too especially you know, maybe you haven’t even got enough positive pregnancy test but you join the forums if you’re like me and you want to read everything like was that implantation bleeding, was it not, like when did you have sex. So that’s a question how many DPO are you?


STEPHANIE GLOVER: That’s what they’re asking. HPT can use in conjunction with POAS, so that’s your Home Pregnancy Test.

SUNNY GAULT: Not to be confuse with that, POS.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Which I'm sure people reference other people in their lives, SPOS is in this group as well.

SUNNY GAULT: That’s a common term in my house too, so I know how to say that in front of my kids.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: LP, this one is a little bit more technical. Does anyone know what?

SUNNY GAULT: Luteal Phase?


SUNNY GAULT: Well, I did not cheat. But I don’t even know what that means.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Okay, your luteal phase is the phase at step point in your menstrual cycle between ovulation and your period. It’s the point where your uterus is getting a thicker lining in preparation for an egg implanting and then it’ll either implant or it will shed. The luteal phase, that’s going to come too because some women have shorter phases than others and when they’re trying to figure out if they’ve actually conceive and they’ll be talking about their LP. MC or M/C?

DINA: Miscarriage?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Miscarriage, yeah.

SUNNY GAULT: I’ve seen M/C, okay.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: You also see US or U/S.

DINA: Ultra Sound.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: So that’s one of those words, sometimes you’ll see it as a slash and sometimes not. I think this might have been one in the antrum the, OPK.

DINA: I have never been able to remember that one.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Ovulation Predictor Kit. So if you’re peeing on those ovulation sticks for seven days, that’s what would be called an OPK. LMP?

DINA: Last Menstrual?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yup, Last Menstrual Period. And then PG, not a rating of a movie. Pregnant, simple.


STEPHANIE GLOVER: I can’t type out pregnant personally.

SUNNY GAULT: Anything that’s one word that’s like less than like eight characters, come on. Yeah, I guess I have seen that.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: And then, here’s actually I'm going to throw one in and I didn’t write this down but, rainbow baby, so that’s not an acronym.

SUNNY GAULT: That’s sweet. I just learned about rainbow babies. I didn’t know there was a term for it. I'll let other people guess.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yeah, do you guys know what the rainbow baby is?

ELISHA: No, what is that?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: If you’ve had one of more miscarriages and then you’ve finally are pregnant with your rainbow baby, the baby that’s sort of made it … yeah, to the point of viability, then that’s your rainbow baby. And then also if you guys have heard of like…

SUNNY GAULT: I got to choose.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Like sticky, I hope like this baby is a sticky baby…

SUNNY GAULT: So it sticks to even wall?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yeah, but it was like sending you a lot of sticky dust if you ever see that. I'm not joking. Sticky baby dust, that’s a thing too.

SUNNY GAULT: Sticky baby dust. Can we box that up for baby showers? Get some glitter.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: We’ve covered some of the things that people talk about in forums that sort of lead up to pregnancy. When we come back, we’ll go over more pregnancy forum acronyms and play another game with our panelist, so we’ll be right back.

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STEPHANIE GLOVER: All right, welcome back. Today, we’re cracking the code on the foreign language that has made up of the pregnancy forum acronyms. So we’re going to cover just a few more terms now that we’ve pregnant in our group and we’ve determine that we are PG. Some other acronyms, it may seem a little bit familiar and go ahead and play along as well. The first one and this is one too that’ll show up with a slash or without, and that’s CS. I know three of us have had a CS at least one.

SUNNY GAULT: Cesarean Section? Okay.


DINA: Estimated Due Date.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Awesome. So GBS plus or GBS minus.

DINA: Group B Strep, positive or negative.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yeah. We talked about this a little bit earlier, so it’s kind of cheating but GB?

SUNNY GAULT: Gestational Diabetes.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Wahoo, yeah, for not having it. No more potatoes.

SUNNY GAULT: No more potatoes.


ELISHA: Second time mom?

SUNNY GAULT: First Time Mom, yeah, nice.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yes. It was like we have one on our show.

SUNNY GAULT: That’s right.


SUNNY GAULT: Little One.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Wow, you’re fast.

SUNNY GAULT: Well, because I think that’s like dear husband. I'm like I don’t seem you know, whatever.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yeah, my little one.


STEPHANIE GLOVER: Okay, so this one is a little bit more specific to forums. It’s PP.

DINA: I got that one.


DINA: Previous Poster.

SUNNY GAULT: Previous Poster?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yeah, so they’re referring to who posted previously.

SUNNY GAULT: I think I like movie poster or something. I'm like, what movie is she going to? I don’t get it.


SUNNY GAULT: Post-Partum Depression.


SUNNY GAULT: That’s an easy one.

ELISHA: Vaginal Birth After Cesarean?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yes. Actually and then just for fun, I don’t have this listed but I'll do this. CBAC?

SUNNY GAULT: Cesarean Birth After Cesarean.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: And then, RFC … yeah, HBAC. HBAC is Home Birth After Cesarean.

SUNNY GAULT: Home Birth After Cesarean.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: And then RCS. Repeat C Section.


STEPHANIE GLOVER: And so just to clarify and I think this is probably helpful for people who see this in forums. Did you think here what the heck is the difference between an RCS and CBAC but a CBAC is an attempt for a VBAC and even cesarean where is an RCS is a planned C-section after you’ve already have one.


STEPHANIE GLOVER: So if you ever seen like why are they calling them two different things are two different things.


STEPHANIE GLOVER: Throw out one more just for fun TOLAC or T-O-L? There’s a TOLAC and a TOL, Trial Of Labor or Trial Of Labor After Cesarean, so sometimes we’ll see that too.



DINA: Is that works at home mom?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Work Outside Of the Home Mom, yup.

DINA: Okay.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: And then yeah, you could do a WAHM which should be…

SUNNY GAULT: That’s I’ve seen, yeah.


SUNNY GAULT: Because when you’re working at home it get whammed a lot with all your kiddos.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: It hurts your brain a little.

SUNNY GAULT: It hurts your brain.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: So we were talking about how parenting stuff always seems to find its way into pregnancy forums even if the baby hasn’t arrived yet. I'll ask a question and then you guys can help me dissect what the heck I'm asking you. So, hey new mom, do you plan to BLW, CD, CIO, and NIP? Can anyone tell me?

SUNNY GAULT: I know NIP, let’s see.


SUNNY GAULT: I know the first and the last. I could see.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: So Sunny, what would you say the first one is?

SUNNY GAULT: Baby-Led Weaning?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Baby-led weaning, okay.


STEPHANIE GLOVER: So when you’re thinking about parenting and things you might be ask if you’re going to do or thinking about doing CD, so think of a baby, CD, any guess girls on the phone?

DINA: Your daughter?


SUNNY GAULT: Cloth Diaper.


SUNNY GAULT: CD, yeah. I know it’s tough. CD, cloth diaper.


DINA: Cry It Out.

SUNNY GAULT: Cry it out.


SUNNY GAULT: Nurse In public.


SUNNY GAULT: It’s really easy nip, just like your nipple like your nips are out.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Can you guys think of any other that have stood out too that I’ve maybe missed? There were a lot I mean, I'm not going to let … I did have to go back because you can only retrieve so much from your brain so I had to do a little research. Some of them were just so ridiculous that I'm like I can’t like they were either really repetitive like they had some I think it was instead of DH it was like DUH for like dumb husband or something. I’ve never even seen that use honestly maybe I’ve seen POS used but not DUH.

SUNNY GAULT: What we should do, you know, what I'm going to do? I'm going to put these up on our website. We’ll have it like a link for it and then like if you guys are listening and you come across other ones we’ll use this as a glossary to point people too but if other ones you find like we’ll just like email us and then we’ll add them to the list because we need our resource like this.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: We do need a resource, yes. And it was so funny too because my husband does online gaming and so I think they have their own terminology or whatever, and it was funny because there were some drama that you know, there’s always drama in the pregnancy forums and I said something like oh, there’s a troll in here and my husband just lost it because I’ve never thought like that ever. And he’s like, “What?” He’s like, “You know what are troll is?” Because I guess they’re in online gaming too, there are trolls like this.


STEPHANIE GLOVER: But to me, troll would be someone who’s purposely trying to provoke drama within a group, right?


STEPHANIE GLOVER: So if you’ve ever see anyone saying like, oh that person is trolling or whatever what that means because I don’t think I understood it first and really I have to think about it. I'm like, “Oh.” And then, he was like, “Oh, you’re such rule follower.” You’re probably, and they’re saying, “Go away troll.”

SUNNY GAULT: Get out of my forum troll.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Yeah, go away troll. Get out of here.

SUNNY GAULT: Wait, is there an acronym for troll?


SUNNY GAULT: I hope not because it’s again, it’s what?

STEPHANIE GLOVER: It’s one syllable.

SUNNY GAULT: This is one syllable.

STEPHANIE GLOVER: Maybe like a little like face or something that you could make with punctuation or something. All right. Well, this was fun. Hopefully we’ve clear up some of the things concerning pregnancy forums that we’re having these second guessing your language abilities. Special thanks to our panelist for joining. For more information about our show as well as information about our panelist, visit our episode page on our website, and like Sunny said, we will post these to create a glossary to help you through those to future forum post. This conversation continues for members of our Preggie Pals club. After the show, we’re going to talk some more about some random acronyms that are related specifically to pregnancy that they come up frequently in forums.

[Theme Music]

SUNNY GAULT: It is time for segment we have on the show called Pregnancy Brain Blunders. And we know when we’re pregnant we’re going to make mistakes. We’re going to do silly stuff, right? All those nutrients and important things that usually help our brain work better are now going to our baby, right? So these are some of the fun stories that our listeners are willing to share with us. So this comes from Karrie.

Karrie writes; “Went to Walmart for groceries. On my way home, I noticed my wedding ring was missing. I freaked out, did a U-turn and went back to Walmart. I went and spoke to management and they had all of their janitors and available employees searching for my ring. I had a posse of people searching the parking lot. I made a police report and notified my insurance agent. It was hot outside and stuff was melting in my car. After an hour, so I went home, defeated. I sobbed forever. By the time I got home, I was wiped out and I crashed on a couch. My husband came home and I told him what it happened. I cried again. He went up to take a shower. When he came back down, he asked for hands and ask for my hand and marriage again and put my ring back on my finger. I had apparently taken it off to wash my hands which I never do and I left it beside my bathroom sink.”

Oh my goodness. Well, you know, I mean, you could tell the ring was important to you, right? Thanks so much for sending this in. if you have a funny pregnancy brain blunder, these are some funny stories you guys. We’d love to hear them, so please send us an email through our website or you can also send us a voice mail and that is great because you can tell your own story. So that works well too. You can send it through the website. Just click on the grey little banner says send voice mail on any page on the New Mommy Media website and we’ll include it in the future episode.

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STEPHANIE GLOVER: That’s wraps up our show for today. We appreciate you listening to Preggie Pals.

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