“Your Pregnancy, Your Way”

Preggie Pals is an audio podcast that educates and entertains expectant mothers and those hoping to become pregnant. Each episode features a panel of pregnant women, at various stages and trimesters, as well as experts. Together they explore topics aimed to embrace pregnancy and encourage women to pursue their individual childbirth choices.


The Hosts

Stephanie Glover

Stephanie Glover is a trained childbirth educator and founder of the Regarding Birth blog and social media presence advocating for childbirth education and mentoring.

In her personal journey to VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), Stephanie joined the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) of San Diego, an organization for which she is now the Community Outreach Coordinator. Stephanie is also the Community Outreach Director for The Doula Initiative and the Event Chair for The Doula Initiative's 2nd Annual Fall Family Fair. She also recently joined the Preggie Pals team as a host.

Stephanie completed her childbirth education training through Bastyr University. She also holds a Bachelors's in Economics from California State University, Chico. Prior to her involvement in childbirth education, Stephanie worked in the human resources field.


Annie Laird

Annie hails from Wisconsin, the land of cold weather, mosquitoes, cheese, and of course, the Green Bay Packers.

She attended the United States Naval Academy, where she met her husband, Rob. She majored in Political Science because it required the least amount of math classes. She graduated in 2000 and started her Naval career driving ships.

In 2005, while attending the Naval Postgraduate School, she gave birth to her first daughter. Despite reading every book in Barnes and Noble on pregnancy, she felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of taking care of a baby who behaved completely differently from all the books she read.

Eight years, four moves, and two more daughters later, Annie has transitioned her career into one that involves her passions of education, socializing, and generally having a great time with whomever she is with. She is a Birth Doula and a Lactation Educator and enjoys spending time with her family, voraciously reading every news and journal article possible on pregnancy and birth, and is hopelessly addicted to Bar Method exercise classes.

Sunny Gault

Sunny had never even changed a diaper before having her first child. Her friends and family would joke about her inexperience with children, and wondered how well she could transition from having a successful career in television to being a full-time mom.

Sunny met the challenge head-on by combining her talents in media with her passion for motherhood. She helped launch the web television series, Momversation, featuring video conversations among the web’s top mommy bloggers. This provided great on-the-job training, teaching Sunny some important parenting and online programming skills.

When she was 17 weeks pregnant with her first child, Sunny joined the weekly, podcast PregTASTIC, as host and producer. Once again, Sunny was able to grow and learn from other moms, many of which were located all over the world. Two months prior to the birth of her second child, PregTASTIC wrapped production and Sunny decided to pursue her personal goals. That’s how her company, New Mommy Media was born.

Sunny and her husband, Ryan, live in San Diego with their four children: Sayer, Urban, and identical twins Ainsley and Addison. She birthed all her babies in a hospital environment. Her first son was a medicated, vaginal birth that resulted in major postpartum surgery. As a result, her second son and her twin girls were born via planned cesarian. But her twins decided to shake things up a bit by breaking their waters naturally and arriving five weeks ahead of schedule, on Sunny's dad's birthday!