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Signs of a Spoiled Child

You love your children. And because we want them to be happy, new parents might be tempted to overindulge. But how do you know if you're spoiling your children? In what ways do parents typically spoil their children and how can it impact them long-term? And if you are spoiling your children, what are some simple ways to correct the issue so it doesn't become a problem.

Teaching Your Twins to Embrace Individuality

As twin parents, when we watch our kids grow and develop, we see our twins’ unique relationship manifested through cycles of sibling rivalry and interdependence. These cycles can last days, hours, or minutes but always seem to hinge on the element of sameness. So, how can we help nudge our twins towards alternatives? How can we help them embrace their twindom while still standing out in a crowd?

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Understanding Frequencies and Their Effects on Babies

When your baby cries and there’s no end in sight, do you ever wish you had an instant trick to calm him down? Maybe you saw that viral video a few years ago in which a father puts his baby girl to sleep using the “om” chant you might more frequently hear in yoga class than in a nursery. Now you want to know – can I do that too? And what other sounds, or frequencies, would do the trick? We’re here to answer these burning questions and more to help arm you as a new parent with some extra soothing techniques.

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