Leilani Wilde

Lactation Consultant/Doula

Leilani Wilde is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Birth and Postpartum Doula and owner of Leilani’s Lactation and Doula Services in San Diego, California. She runs a private in-home lactation business as well as virtual consultations. You will find her donating her time every week running a free breastfeeding support group at The Baby Garten Studio. She has been in practice since 2006. She is an experienced mother of six sons and has a passion for helping new families succeed. Leilani has written an e-book on 9 steps to Peaceful Breastfeeding which you can find on her website www.mothersbreastisbest.com and download it free.

Episodes for this expert

  • Successful Breastfeeding Stories: Amanda Dickey

    Everyone has their own unique breastfeeding challenges, including Amanda Dickey. Amanda achieved her goal to breastfeed her son and has plans to breastfeed her daughter due later this year. And she’s accomplished all this without the use of her arms or legs. Amanda is quadriplegic.

  • Milk Sharing: Mother to Mother

    You planned to exclusively breastfeed your baby, but there have been some bumps in your breastfeeding journey. One option is to supplement your baby with another mother’s breast milk. And social media has paved the way for many mothers to bypass the milk banks and find mothers who are donating their own milk. But is milk sharing safe? What are the main risks and benefits? Learn more from women who have both donated and received milk directly from another mother.

  • Successful Breastfeeding Stories: April King

    We all have our own unique breastfeeding challenges. Overcoming those challenges and persevering can greatly empower you on your breastfeeding journey. April learned about her aggressive cancer just 11 days after giving birth to her fourth child. Determined to breastfeed her baby, April pumped and dumped her breast milk throughout her chemo treatments in order to keep her milk supply. This is her amazing story of strength and determination.

  • Successful Breastfeeding Stories: Miriam Valdez

    We all have personal stories that help shape our breastfeeding journey. Today you’ll meet Miriam Valdez who tragically lost her second child within the first month after birth. Miriam shares her experience breastfeeding through pregnancy and the lost of her newborn baby. Plus, learn how continuing to breastfeed her older toddler helped Miriam heal from this difficult situation.

  • Successful Breastfeeding Stories: Hope Lien

    Imagine being able to breastfeed without birthing your baby. It’s possible! Hope Lien successfully induced lactation so she could breastfeed her adopted daughter immediately after she was born.

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