Erin Harris

Lactation Educator

Upon weaning in 2020, Erin became a Certified Lactation Educator and created Nursing Mamas, a space dedicated to fellow toddler nursing moms ( She combines her two Master's Degrees in Health and Family communication, lactation knowledge, and personal nursing experience to focus on the parent-toddler nursing relationship. Through online courses and consults she helps extended breastfeeding women who are feeling overwhelmed by on-demand nursing and are ready to set breastfeeding boundaries so they can keep the bond without the burnout while weaning on their terms.

Erin deeply believes that you can only make it to toddler nursing if you can get past those few long weeks of newborn nursing. She surveyed 180 current nursing moms and asked them what they wish they had known before the baby came about breastfeeding. Based on their answers, Erin created the prenatal online course Milk Mastery for moms who wanted to dive deeper than the hospital courses go. You can find that course here (

Erin also believes that a mom's mental health is just as important as a child's continued nursing. For extended breastfeeding to work, it has to be manageable for both mom and child. To help moms navigate the transition from infant nursing to toddler nursing, she created the free quiz “What Stage of the Extended Nursing Am I In?” (, which provides in-depth tips depending on where you are within 5 unique stages of extended breastfeeding (yes, there are 5!). Last, Erin has her own podcast for toddler nursing moms. It's called Weaning It: A podcast for toddler nursing moms, and it is your one stop shop for tips and your ability to be seen through stories from fellow nursing moms (

Have questions about toddler nursing or weaning? Email Erin or DM her on Instagram to chat!

Erin has created a Milk Mastery course based on the successful Nursing Mamas' Virtual Breastfeeding Bootcamp. This allows you to access course content anytime, anywhere! Use our code PREGGIEPALS for $10 off!

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