Melanie Monroe


I am a San Diego County photographer specializing in Family Portraits, High School Senior Portraits, and Engagement and Wedding Photography. I am also the proud mother of twin girls (born January 2007) and the happy wife of my wonderful husband, Jeff.

I am a San Diego native who enjoys traveling all over the county to find beautiful and fun locations for Family and Senior Portrait photography. I use flattering natural light in all of my sessions and every image is lovingly re-touched and edited by hand so that everyone will look their absolute best in every image.

Episodes for this expert

  • Taking Photos of Your Twins

    You’ve probably seen tons of adorable photos of twins and thought “how did they do that”? Are the photos done professionally? Can you get similar results on your own? What kind of camera and lighting did they use? And how on earth did they get those twins to pose so perfectly for the camera? We get the inside scoop on how to get the best photographs of your twins!

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