Jennifer Schere

Psychologist, Moms

Dr. Schere is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in parent-child attachment, parenting and women’s issues throughout the life cycle. Dr. Schere has been in private practice in Banker’s Hill since 1998, working with women, couples and families managing familial relationships, complicated pregnancies and reproductive issues. Her clinical work with women throughout the perinatal period led to the development of M.O.M., a curriculum written to support expectant and new moms in their transition to motherhood. The program serves as a preventative measure for postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Schere is a member of the Postpartum Health Alliance and is devoted to helping women strengthen their maternal identity so that they, as well as their families, can experience the greatest amount of personal fulfillment during this significant time.

She is the author of “The Role of Creative Complexity in Psychotherapy” published in the Austrian Journal Psychologie in Osterreich and co-author of “Psychotherapy and the Young Child” published in Early Childhood Education. Dr. Schere is an active member of the San Diego Arts Community and has served as a Board Member for Sushi Performance and Visual Art. Additionally, she has served as a consultant to nonprofit arts organizations through the San Diego Performing Arts League.

Episodes for this expert

  • Surviving Postpartum: Shouldn’t I Be Happy?

    A new study suggests the birth of your first child could be more stressful and lead to more unhappiness than unemployment, divorce or death. What are the most common stressors new parents experience? And how can you overcome those issues and experience more happiness and stability?

  • Surviving Postpartum: What’s My New Identity?

    You recently had a baby and your transition into motherhood may leave you a little puzzled. Who are you, now that you’re a mom? How do you shift between caring for yourself, your partner and this new little being that just came into the world? How do you discover your new identity?

  • Five Tips to Prevent Pregnancy Brain

    With all the extra hormones racing through our bodies, it’s a wonder we can remember our own names. We call it “pregnancy brain”. So, what exactly is happening within the body to trigger this? Plus, what are five great tips to help stay on track- and sharp as a tack!

  • Realities of Single Parenthood

    Let’s face it, parenting is tough. How do successful single parents keep it all together? What are some of the biggest challenges of being a single parent? How do you balance your work and personal life to become the best mom or dad possible?

  • The Nesting Instinct During Pregnancy

    You have sudden bursts of energy prompting you to re-organize your sock drawer, clean out the frig or spend countless hours picking out the perfect colors to compliment your new baby nursery. Sound familiar? What is the nesting instinct during pregnancy? How instinctual is it really?

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