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How BMI Impacts Breastfeeding

As new mothers, we can be a little too obsessed about fitting back into our pre-pregnancy clothes. As it turns out, having a little extra fat on your body may be its way of protecting both you and your baby.

New Mom Breastfeeding Manual: First Week

New to breastfeeding? We're breaking down what to expect during the first year. In the second part of our series, we'll focus on what to expect during the first week. When does colostrum turn into mature milk? How long will breastfeeding sessions typically be? Plus, what to expect with your baby's weight loss.

Popular Galactagogues to Boost Milk Supply

If you're concerned about milk supply, you may be considering herbal supplements called "galactagogues" to boost milk production. So, how exactly does it work? What are some of the most popular supplements and which ones should you avoid? Plus, how can you tell if you really do have a low milk supply?

Breastfeeding Expectations: The Twelfth Month

It's the last episode in our series where we follow three breastfeeding moms as they nurse their babies for the first year of life. What challenges are they facing, and how are they overcoming them to have the best breastfeeding experience possible?

Breastfeeding Challenges: Thrush and Other Infections

Consistent nipple pain may be the result of a common yeast infection known as thrush. How is thrush normally treated? When should you seek professional help? And how do you know it's not thrush and must be some other type of infection?

Breastfeeding After Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can greatly impact the breastfeeding relationship between you and your baby. What are the main signs of trauma? How can you overcome those emotions and create a positive experience? In this episode, you'll meet sexual abuse survivors and hear what worked best for them.

The Benefits of Hand Expression and Manual Breast Pumps

You may be breastfeeding your baby. You may be pumping breast milk for your baby on a regular basis. Or perhaps you’re doing both. But what happens if you need to express your breast milk and there’s no pump in sight? Maybe your pump breaks unexpectedly or perhaps you need an alternative if you don’t have a power source? These are just some of the benefits of hand expression and manual breast pumps.

New Mom Breastfeeding Manual: Second Week

For a new mom, breastfeeding is a new challenge that comes with many rewards. We're continuing our series that breaks down what moms can expect during the first year of life. This episode explores what breastfeeding typically looks like during the second week after the birth of your baby.

Breastfeeding After Surgery and Anesthesia

You need to have surgery, but how will the anesthesia impact your breast milk? Is it safe to breastfeed your baby after having major surgery? Should you pump and dump your breast milk, just to be safe?

Breast Milk Storage and Handling

If you're pumping, you want your breast milk to stay as fresh as possible for your baby. How long can you leave pumped milk in the fridge and freezer? What are some smart storage options for using only the amount of milk your little one actually needs? Plus, how can you tell if your milk has gone bad?