Joyce Davis

Keeping Babies Safe

Joyce Davis is President of Keeping Babies Safe, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides education, assistance and leadership in keeping babies safe from preventable injuries associated with unsafe cribs and unsafe sleep environments. Joyce got involved with Keeping Babies Safe after she lost her son, Garret, when he was 4 months old due to an unsafe sleeping condition that was totally avoidable had the proper information been available. Today, as President of Keeping Babies Safe, Joyce speaks out about the need for crib and sleep safety awareness so this tragedy need never be repeated. She hopes that the efforts of (KBS) will prevent other families from going through the tragedy of losing, or having harm caused to, their healthy baby. “Knowledge is the best defense against unsafe cribs and sleeping conditions, that is my mission at Keeping Babies Safe. That is why we exist.” Joyce feels that parents need to know where to go to find credible and accurate safety information, as these dangers are completely preventable. Cribs are the most important product in your home for your baby; because it’s the only place where your child is left unattended.

Episodes for this expert

  • The Best Sleep Environment For Your Baby

    New babies spend half their day sleeping. Nice, right? Knowing the best sleep environment for your baby will not only keep them safe, but it will result in better sleep so both you and baby can be well rested. Where should (and shouldn’t) your baby be sleeping? What should you look for in a crib and crib mattress? And what should our babies be wearing when they go to sleep?

  • Keeping Babies Safe: Portable Cribs and Play Yards

    Portable cribs and mesh play yards pose a serious threat for numerous reasons such as choking or entanglement hazards; head entrapment or suffocation; and risk of injury from tipping when legs on the product become loose and separate. We’ve got some great tips for parents to help keep their babies safe.

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