Cindy Cathie

Postpartum Doula

Cindy Cathie is a CAPPA certified Postpartum Doula who loves being a ‘mother-to-mother'. With her degree from SDSU in education, Cindy has spent the last 20 years in elementary education while she raised her own children. In 2008, after being at the birth of her first grandson, she decided that being involved in the birthing community was the way she wanted to spend the rest of her career. She has enjoyed providing support for her daughters and many other women who are starting their journey into becoming families. She is in the process of becoming a certified CAPPA Lactation Educator and an ICEA Childbirth Educator, to better serve her families.

Episodes for this expert

  • Birthmarks, Stork Bites and Belly Buttons

    When your baby is born, you examine every inch of her tiny, little body. And you may find some thing you didn’t expect such as a birth mark or a stork bite. What do these marks actually mean and what causes them to appear on your baby? Plus, learn how to properly care for your baby’s umbilical cord and belly button after birth.

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