Jamie Shamonki

Cord Blood/Tissue Banking

Dr. Shamonki is a senior executive who has helped grow an industry-leading tissue bank into a global life sciences platform. She is also a physician with unique expertise in regenerative medicine, reproductive medicine, genetics, and clinical laboratory management.

Dr. Shamonki has directly contributed to significant corporate growth by introducing numerous innovations and new services that elegantly reinforce value to the customer and support enterprise value through adjacent business development opportunities. Dr. Shamonki maintains the highest standard of quality and integrity for multiple organically growing legacy services, while concurrently providing clinical oversight of numerous large-scale mergers and acquisitions.

She is published widely in peer-reviewed journals in the fields of oncology, immunology, genetics, and cellular therapy.

Episodes for this expert

  • Should You Bank Your Baby’s Cord Blood and Cord Tissue?

    For nine months, our bodies are doing everything possible to protect our babies… and then they’re born. And as parents, we still do everything we can to keep them safe. Including preserving their stem cells at birth through cord blood and cord tissue. But, what is this process actually like? How can it help? And are families really seeing results?

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