Damian Jackson

Police Detective

Det. Jackson has been a sworn law enforcement officer for eighteen years, beginning his career as an Agent with the Department of Homeland Security and now with the Escondido Police Department where he is currently assigned to the department’s Family Protection and Child Exploitation Unit and collaterally sworn as a federal officer with USDOJ and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. In his tenure he has held a variety of assignments including Patrol, K9, SWAT, Field Training Officer, Academy Instructor, Background Investigator and Criminal Investigator, focusing primarily on crimes against children and technology-facilitated crimes. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Det. Jackson lives in San Diego with his wife of fifteen years and their three children.

Episodes for this expert

  • When Your Child is Missing: The First 48 Hours

    If your child goes missing, the whole world seems to stop. Getting your kid back safely is the only thing on your mind. Fortunately, it’s also top priority for the law enforcement officers who have the necessary resources to bring your child back quickly. So, what actually happens after you dial 9-1-1? And what can you proactively do to help law enforcement find your child?

  • Internet Safety: Overexposing Our Kids

    You’re proud of your kids, so it’s only natural you would want to “show them off” to family and friends. Unfortunately, not everyone has the best intentions when viewing your kids online.

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