Jamelle Ryan

Holistic Living Advocate

I am a working mom with a passion for sharing naturally wonderful ways to keep our lives vibrant, healthy, whole and safe! When I was blessed with my first pregnancy, my entire health and wellness perspective changed and I began a journey down a holistic living path. Everything from what I put in my body, on my body, on my baby, and what I use to clean my home became my focus and inspired me to provide my family with a wholesome home! I try a little bit harder every day to live a life of respect for this gorgeous playground we call our planet. I am grateful to be here enjoying this world!

Episodes for this expert

  • Baby Steps to Chemical-Free Cleaning

    When you’ve got little ones crawling all over your floor and putting EVERYTHING in their mouths, you may be thinking more closely about the products you use and their ingredients. We’ve switched out our common cleaning products for some all-natural homemade recipes. Find out how well they worked!

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