Caroline Piggott

Pediatric Dermatologist

Dr. Piggott is a pediatric dermatologist at Scripps Clinic. She attended Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and received her board certification from American Board of Dermatology in 2011.

Episodes for this expert

  • Baby Skin Conditions: Common Skin Issues, Birthmarks and Moles

    Babies are known for their soft skin. So, when it pusses, pops, scabs or peels we have a tendency to freak out. Today, we’re continuing our series focused on baby skin conditions. What common skin issues can new parents expect? How are these problems commonly treated? Plus, the truth about birthmarks and moles.

  • Sunscreen Safety for Kids

    The summer sun is here! But before you grab that bottle of sunscreen, consider these safety tips. What exactly is UVA and UVB protection? What about SPF? And should you really be putting all these chemicals on your little one?

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