Homeopathy for Children

It's cold and flu season and parents everywhere want to keep their children germ-free. But if your baby catches a bug, homeopathy can help by giving a boost to your immune system without all the drugs. What exactly is homeopathy and what conditions can be treated? Today we're revealing our top 10 list of homeopathic remedies to keep in your home.

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Homeopathy for Children


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GABRIELLE TRAUB: It’s cold and flu season and parents want to do everything to protect their little ones. Is it possible to give your children support without the drugs? What is homeopathy and how does it help everything from infections to behavioral problems to asthma?

What are the top ten homeopathic remedies to keep in the home? Hi, I’m Gabrielle Traub, homeopathic practitioner and owner of San Diego Homeopathy. This is Parent Savers Episode 33.

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KC WILT: Welcome to Parent Savers broadcasting from the Birth Education Centre of San Diego. I am your host, KC Wilt. Parent Savers is all about helping new parents for the baby years to the toddler years. So, download the free app – sign up for the free newsletter, like us on Facebook, send us an e-mail or call our hotline. This is your show. We want you to be involved.

We have amazing experts at our fingertips. So, shoot us a line and we’ll get your questions answered. We also have a new option of joining our Parent Savers Club, it’s where you can download the archive episodes and get exclusive contents and so much more. I’m a new parent. My son Carson is almost 23 months old and I’m joined by two new parents here in the studio.

OWEN HEMSATH: My name is Owen Hemsath. I’m the President of Simple Business Video Marketing in Oceanside. I also have three kids. I have Kanan who is five just started kindergarten – Jameson is 16 months and Benjamin is five months.

KC WILT: Five months, it seems like just yesterday he was born.

OWEN HEMSATH: I know and now he’s this big chubby blob and it’s amazing – so, I love it.

JOHNER RIEHL: My name is Johner Riehl. I’m a 38 year-old writer from here in San Diego and I have three boys as well – five, three and one. We’re all a little bit sick right now so I’m pretty interested to hear about some remedies that don’t involve drugs too.

OWEN HEMSATH: Yes, absolutely.


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KC WILT: Today on Parent Savers, our headline – we’re talking about, “Man sues ugly baby case.” Man sues wife over ugly baby. Women ordered to pay a $120,000 judgement. So, here’s what happened – a Chinese man divorced and then sued his ex-wife for giving birth to what he-called an extremely ugly baby girl.

So, it is horrible. First, he accuse his wife of infidelity and then because he could never father an unattractive child.


KC WILT: Owen agrees and so, then they did a paternity test. Once it came back that this child was the father’s – he then sued his wife on false pretences for not telling him about the plastic surgery that she had.

She admitted in this process that she’d undergone a $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery. So, he feels duped because he didn’t know that she was ugly and therefore had an ugly baby. So, I know well the kicker is he won and he agreed that the judge agree that ex-wife have to give over $120,000.

He says, “I married my wife out of love but as soon as we had our first daughter, we begin having marital problems. Our daughter was incredibly ugly to the point where it horrified me.” Exactly, a part of me is we laugh and we joke and we just can’t believe the audacity of this man. But, my gosh – I thought every child was beautiful and if they weren’t beautiful?

OWEN HEMSATH: No, there are ugly babies and I think it’s safe to say that that’s a fact of life. I mean it appears everybody else Seinfeld episode where it’s like, “The baby is breath-taking.” For the Seinfeld, was out there. They might remember the episode.

KC WILT: When you say, “Precious” precious baby.

OWEN HEMSATH: You swallow and say that, “That baby is precious.” But, I think to bring it back to reality – we’re talking about a country that’s not fond of female babies and here you have a female baby. Maybe there’s no legal recourse there because here we can’t broadcast. That’s what we’ll go with ugly baby instead of girl baby. You know what I mean?

KC WILT: You know what, I don’t know where this is taking because this could have been a Chinese man on the states just because he’s Chinese doesn’t mean he’s in China.

JOHNER RIEHL: It’s hard for me to understand I guess the damages of it. I mean – Some babies can’t be that, right when they’re born – they kind of look exactly the same.

KC WILT: My son looked like my father-in-law. He looked a 60 year old man and he was connected and I embraced it. He was ugly.

JOHNER RIEHL: You thought you could have monetary damages from that though?

KC WILT: Yes, I know. You know what? He’s the cutest kid ever and so, what’s funny – one of my friends in town here, we have the babies in the same time and her five year old looks at her mom and says, “Mom, baby Carson is cuter than baby Caleb” my son’s baby Carson obviously. So, I told the little five year old – I said, “It’s okay because cute babies make ugly adults and ugly babies make cute adults.”

OWEN HEMSATH: That’s science.

JOHNER RIEHL: It’s science.

OWEN HEMSATH: I think that the plastic surgery is where you get into what it’s like

KC WILT: So, you say if your wife – you know you didn’t know she was as beautiful as she was then you know.

OWEN HEMSATH: Look, this is silly. This is a silly thing here and I admit when I heard the headline – it’s got to be the US. We’re like the most litigious country out there. But, okay she’s got plastic surgery and didn’t tell you about. That’s a big deal. That’s like saying, “By the way, I was once a man. But, I had some plastic surgery.”

KC WILT: That’s a little that’s extreme because I mean maybe she’s got her nose and her eyes open a little bit.

OWEN HEMSATH: It could be. But, we don’t know.

JOHNER RIEHL: I mean if you can tell from the moment the baby is born that old man, she was ugly. She probably had a lot of work up. But, she could cook.

KC WILT: She got it work down on South Korea and it has a $120,000 and we’ve lived in South Korea. $120,000 gets to you. She could probably turn from a man to a woman plus some.

OWEN HEMSATH: Right, she could have been a zebra.

KC WILT: Basically.

OWEN HEMSATH: For that, we don’t know. But, I think if the work out done in the South Korea – I think we’re talking about a Chinese couple, I think that points to that. Who would knows what the system is like over there?

KC WILT: It’s like we’re playing off of on culture.

OWEN HEMSATH: It’s something that we don’t understand.

KC WILT: We posted this on Pinterest so re-pin it if you like it or join our discussion there. Today on Parent Savers we have Gabrielle Traub, homeopathic practitioner here with us to discuss how we can use homeopathy in our children. So, what is homeopathy?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Well, I wish I could say that it makes people to be beautiful. But, it doesn’t. But, it definitely helps in the other ways. So, homeopathy was actually developed about 250 years ago by German physician. He’s name was Dr. Hahnemann and what a wonderful thing about homeopathy is what parent’s really loved about it is, “It’s so incredibly safe.”

It’s so safe in fact that I have actually given homeopathic remedies to babies, newborns that are just a few minutes old and to the elderly and throughout pregnancy. It really is the ideal form of medicine because it is so safe. I’ll give you some examples of how homeopathy works.

What homeopathy remedies do is they actually work with your own body. They trigger an immune response. So, I’ll give you an example of this. A lot of people – children these days have allergies. Allergies are an epidemic piece.

KC WILT: It’s totally coming now in the fall.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Yes, it’s just astounding to me why the government health officials aren’t exploring the data more and trying to figure more why this is

JOHNER RIEHL: You mean like allergies and stuff too? Those types of

GABRIELLE TRAUB: All types of allergies and we can go into that in more details because I have more theories about why that is.

KC WILT: Okay.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: What allergy treatments do – traditional allergy shots are that I’ll just give children or adults small doses of the substance that they’re allergic too. This creates a type of desensitization that overtime they become less and less allergic to that original substance. This was actually borrowed from homeopathy. This is essentially what we’re doing in homeopathy is actually really interesting in the Europe.

A few years ago, there was a new treatment called, “Sublingual Immunoglobulin Therapy.” What this is – is self-giving allergy shots as an injection. They just give the same substance that somebody is allergic too in small dilution underneath the tongue. This is become very, very popular in Europe because that’s the way you don’t have to give your child a shot. But, second of all because that few muscles sublingually under the tongue. This [unclear] side effects and everybody is raving about this latest and greatest technique.

Homeopaths are looking at each other and thinking, “What is wrong with them?” This is Homeopathy. It’s been around with 250 years.

KC WILT: Well, that’s how they did vaccines and stuff for.

OWEN HEMSATH: I think an inoculation is what you meant.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: I’m so glad you brought that up because a lot of people don’t realize that the first official vaccine.

KC WILT: That’s going to be the very first official vaccine, that’s what they did

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Edward Jenner, he was actually and he was actually a homeopath. What he actually did was even more even more homeopathic in the way we give vaccinations today. What he gave was he gave cowpox vaccine to vaccinate against small pox. Cowpox is a very mild and the small pox is a very deathly severe illness.

He actually gave something similar, not very exact and this is a beautiful distinction of what homeopathy is. We give a similar virus that is either slightly weaken or attenuated in their pathological experience. So, the small pox vaccine is actually the most purely homeopathic vaccine we have.

These days however, when we dig in the small pox vaccine – we’re still giving it to marines and army. It’s really horrible. We actually not doing it the Jenna did. We’re not giving cowpox. We’re actually giving small pox itself which is dangerous folks in so many different levels.

But, that really is what homeopathy is – you give something similar not exactly the same and that is essentially the biggest difference between homeopathy and traditional allergy medicines. The way allergy medicines are given is something called “Isopathy.” You give the same and that’s beautiful and it works well for desensitizing against a specific problem like a specific protein.

However, that doesn’t give a broad general a boost to the immune system and most children who are allergic are allergic to not just one factor but multiple factors. So, when we give the homeopathic remedy – we’re not just giving them allergen. We actually take in to consideration other factors like the child’s like, dislikes, food cravings, physical appearance and personality.

It’s a very holistic approach and what it actually does is, “It moderates and regulates the immune system to give more of the broader reaction to all allergens and regulate their immunity as a whole.”

KC WILT: Now, we’re in the season of flu and cold – how specifically will homeopathy work for the immunity for babies and kids? What will you there?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: There are a number of different approaches and my favourite in this is the highest approach is to do what we called, “Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment.” That’s what I was referring to earlier – taking into account to the whole constitution of the patient and like, their dislikes, and their physical morphology – everything like that and that’s actually a good way to prevent.

Now the method that homeopaths use is they actually give small doses of the Influenzinum Virus throughout the flu season approximately once a week. So, we give – actually, homeopathic dilutions of Influenzinum that’s what’s in called once a week. This can help to protect against the Influenza Virus.

Some of my patients however have reported slight reactions to that if it’s a lot of dose – beyond that I think there’s a, like a mild fever or some cold symptoms. The best way as well is to nip in the buds. So, the moment that your child gets sick – to give a homeopathic remedy as a soon as possible. I’m actually going to talking about some of those remedies, “The top ten remedies to keep in the home.”

KC WILT: Yes, we’re looking forward to that.

OWEN HEMSATH: Now, can I ask a question for some of the sceptics out there? What is your training and your position on how your homeopathic doctor? How does that work?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Well, I’m trained in South Africa. In South Africa, we go through medical training like a medical doctor does and we also spend a year doing research double blank, clinical trials. The training in the US is a little different. Many countries in the world – to be homeopath, “You have to be trained like a medical doctor.”

I actually teach a few schools here in the US that are excellent schools. It’s generally a three-year part time training. There is actually the first homeopathic medical school that opened up in Arizona two years ago. So, in the United States – homeopaths are not considered as doctors. The way I work around that is actually work in a doctor’s office. I worked in a OB-GYN clinic.


GABRIELLE TRAUB: So, I work very closely with OB-GYN and we have nurses. I like to – because of my training is a very medical, I like to integrate it to. I think that’s very, very important. Many people don’t realize how many research studies are down on homeopathy. There’s plethora of research. I myself conducted a Double Blind Clinical Trials and I actually a collector of the year’s huge database of research studies and pretty much everything especially relating to children.

KC WILT: So, it’s not like you take a three-month course in your homeopathic practitioner.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Absolutely, not.

KC WILT: You got all the schooling for it.

OWEN HEMSATH: I think that’s an important distinction to because I’m not looking at just for the listeners out there. What I’m not looking at is kind of a be-chippy, I’m looking at a professional female who obviously speaks very well, encourages all very well.


OWEN HEMSATH: Because I think that with – I see a natural path and I’m very much an advocate of homeopathy and I’m very much anti-medical when it comes to treating symptoms instead of the cause and obviously we’re not opposed to antibiotics and things like that but preventative medicine and things like that.

So, I want the audience to really understand that this is something that’s medical, I mean that is empirical, it’s subjective. The results really do speak for themselves.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Thank you so much for saying that. I highly agree completely but I do want to say one thing is that, “My goal is to bring homeopathy into every home and have almost every family have someone who’s knowledgeable about homeopathy.” So, there’s definitely the mom in the family or the dad in the family can be the family homeopath because homeopathy is so safe. There’s very little you can do wrong. It’s very forgiving.

OWEN HEMSATH: We’re not about what you say, “You’re not having a general knowledge in the home.” You’re not talking about having training someone in biology. You’re training somebody in the facts and what works and how to access resources.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Exactly, and so if you’re kid falls or if you get a cold – moms can reach for their homeopathic first-aid kids and snip it in the bud and give a homeopathic remedy. Only if it’s severe, progresses then they need to go to a homeopath or their paediatrician.

JOHNER RIEHL: What are some other things that can mom can look at what their kids to go to homeopathy first behavioural problems – what work with that? Are there infections? Is it more things that should be treated or what’s kind of the game or some of the big things for parents to look upon?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: The one awful thing about homeopathy is the scope. It really has a huge dynamic scope and I myself, do the Double Blind Clinical Trials on what I call “Thought Interference, Nervous Anxiety” which is in more in the behavioural realm. I actually worked in the in-patient treatment centre for a number of years for psychological conditions such as the eating disorders, chronic pain, addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder.

So, it really has a beautiful scope of action on the psychological aspect and I do get a lot of referrals from the psychiatrist and work together with them. I really don’t believe in integrated medicine. I really don’t believe in one, being superior than the other. Each has its place and when they work together that’s the ideal situation. I would never tell parents to give up their paediatrician and just go on natural, that’s not I think a sound solution.

OWEN HEMSATH: I think that when people here, not everybody but I think with some people here things like homeopathy or holistic wellness – that’s what they think. They think about tree-huggers, if you will.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: I like to hug-tree in once in a while.


KC WILT: It’s one way or the other.

OWEN HEMSATH: Yes, hem-closed, barefoot – you know what I mean? Yes, exactly.

KC WILT: There’s nothing wrong with that.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: I think a lot about homeopathy has to being like hem-clothing and tree-hugging is that’s a very Californian concept. In many countries there on the world like the homeopath is considered such a noble profession. It just does have a different perception. It’s interesting. It’s really actually humorous for me. So, I like to people though when they do and they come in

OWEN HEMSATH: Silly American.

KC WILT: You had also said to me in an e-mail that it can help with autism and other behavioural problems like that?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: There’s actually – a NASA engineer, her son developed the autism. Her name is Amy Lansky and this mom tried everything. She has a very analytical brain being a NASA engineer. She actually, her son was cured with homeopathy and she was so intrigued by this whole process. She actually went on to write an excellent book.

If any moms have children or dads have children with autism – this book is called The Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky and she then went on to become a homeopath. The incidents, the prevalence of autism is increasing at such an alarming rate. It’s become so significant that this is something that I see in my practice all the time and anticipate well increase in the near future.

KC WILT: Great and we also have a homeopathic kit to give away. So, stay tuned for details. When we come back, we’ll talk about, “The Top Ten Homeopathic Remedies to keep in the Home.” We’ll be back.

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We’re back on Parent Savers with Gabrielle Traub, homeopathic practitioner. Here with us to discuss how homeopathy in our children works. So, what is Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment and what can it do?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: For those of you who just joined us, what I was talking about earlier is constitutional homeopathic treatment is when you take into account the whole person. In homeopath our pre-dominance, let me backtrack.

In psychology, the predominance is on the mental and emotional behavioural. In classic medicine and conventional medicine, the emphasis is on the physical. In homeopathy, we don’t really give each extra way. We look at what’s present against this moment in time. Some patients are very balance emotionally and all their symptoms are on the physical level. Some patients are very healthy physically. The kids all their problems are all on the behavioural level. We have the oppositional defiance, ADD, ADHD.

KC WILT: Oppositional defiance – that’s my two year old. He’s too young.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Well, he’s just going through the terrible two’s.

KC WILT: Maybe when they get to be a little bit older and they’re having issues with know.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: They are amazing things that you can do with homeopathy. It really doesn’t change the personality of the child; nothing will change your child. Children often asked me, “Will this change who I am?” No, it won’t. What it does, it just creates balance. It’s a really beautiful process.

I love treating kiddies when they’re really, really young. Children become really in tuned with what they need. With those that use system with homeopathy is really by giving the remedy not of them are on-going basis. But, identify a certain red flags to see when your child is out of balance.

These children actually become so in tuned with themselves that they’ll know when they need the remedy. They’ll often ask, “Mommy, I need some Pulsatilla now” like a homeopathic remedy. It’s so cute seeing these little kids so aware. I love that.

KC WILT: My mom used to say to me, “You need your B Vitamin right now.” That’s because I was been hormonal.

JOHNER RIEHL: We’re getting a question on the Twitter feed here. So, if you’re on Twitter or following us on social media – you can check in at the hash tags, #Parent Savers or #Parenting. The question is, “What does homeopathic medicine look like?”

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Okay, we – the many different forms of homeopathic medicines, it comes in injectibles, sublingual pill forms, tablets – a variety of pill size, liquid, suppositories and creams. It comes in many different forms because we treat so many children and because children are also excited about taking cough mixture. They’re more excited about taking homeopathic remedies. We use these little white pills and the pills taste sweet and the reason it taste sweet because they contain lactose.

Depending on the way the medicines prepared, depending on the pharmaceutical company – they either impregnated into the pill or many times, actually they just coated on the outside. That’s why we say, “Don’t touch the pills with your finger.” We just don’t want you wiping off all the active ingredient. Most children have no problem.

OWEN HEMSATH: The active ingredient or the tasteful ingredient? I missed that, I did.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: So, the active ingredient depending on the way the pill is produced is usually on the outside.

OWEN HEMSATH: Got it, okay.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: So, you don’t want to touch it with your fingers because you don’t want to wipe off all the active ingredient.

OWEN HEMSATH: And these little white pills – I mean a smaller than a Tic-tac and its quick dissolving, right?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: You gave different pill size but the ones have more readily available over-the-counter are really tiny. A lot of parents worry about their children choking and babies – you just, I don’t really know how to describe this on radio. You just go like pop up the low and front loop and

OWEN HEMSATH: You got to pinch the lower lip there.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Pop in the pill. You’ll just need one or two pills and they dissolve quickly and you don’t need to worry about choking. However, parents who are worried about choking are worried about the lactose – you can actually find the medicines in a liquid form as well.

KC WILT: You have things for even teething. That’s how I discover you. So, you can do it for teething and for ear aches and all sorts of stuff. Is it something that you need to go to a practitioner to get put into your medicine cabinet or go to the store to get?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: I recommend for like everyday things like cuts and colds and knocks and bumps – moms can definitely treat things like these on their own. When it comes to more chromatic conditions for example, if they have recurrent ear infection – that’s should be a beautiful research that’s been done to show the affectivity of homeopathy with recurrent ear conditions.

I would say that, “For that type of situation, it’s best to go see a homeopath.” These days, it’s so easy to find a homeopath in your area.

JOHNER RIEHL: So, what are things that families can keep in the home? I’m interested.

KC WILT: You get to the top ten list. Great, I got to get my pen out.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: This is kind of my dream. I would love every single home to have liked the ten homeopathic remedies. You can actually go to your health food store, a lot of them sell homeopathic first aid kit or you can just buy one at a time and slowly build your own little kit. Everybody where most people have heard of Arnica Montana, this is a wonderful remedy.

KC WILT: Can you spell that?


KC WILT: Okay.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: I don’t know if it’s possible to post these on your website, the top ten.

KC WILT: That’s good – in that way, you just spelled it for me. So, what is Arnica do?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Arnica is excellent for bumps, injuries, swelling and bruises.

KC WILT: So, if your child gets – I’ve heard about this drug. My child – he falls down all the time. He’s a boy and someone told me, “There’s something that you can rub on their spot where they fell that will help the bruising.”

GABRIELLE TRAUB: It works amazingly. If exactly localized area, then you can just rub it on. You have Arnica gel or cream or ointments. If the child actually hurts themselves is the most systemic. Then actually, it’s better to take the pill form internally, “You can do both.”

I don’t know what my home would do without Arnica. We’re always on the hole. So, it’s really great to have that remedy on hand. You can use it for animals too. Not just for kiddies, it can be used for moms and dads as well.

KC WILT: Number two?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Aconite is a great remedy actually for colds and flu – so wonderful in this time of year. The significant thing about Aconite is it’s not the types of colds and flu that develops slowly. It’s not used to use for the child slowly getting sick. It happens suddenly and it needs to be used within the first 24 hours of onset. That’s why I recommend keeping it in the home.

The fever is high, the child is so thirsty. They’re anxious. They’re restless and colds and flu often comes after exposure to cold dry wind like after going out in Halloween and trick and treating. The weather changes and it becomes cold. They can also come on after frights of shocks. So, maybe a dog barks at them, the child gets scared and the next day, they sick – give Aconite immediately, beautiful remedy.

KC WILT: Number three?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Number three is Belladonna. Belladonna actually means, “Beautiful lady” because they used to use it by putting Belladonna drops in the eyes. It’s made from atropine and the pupils dilate. According to surveys, “Men perceive woman as more beautiful according to how dilated their pupils were.”

KC WILT: To all the single parents out there.

JOHNER RIEHL: They study that in media though too and that’s why cartoon characters have bigger eyes. That’s why the old Chinese artists would emphasize the women

KC WILT: So, why do I need it bigger pupils?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: You don’t need bigger pupils. Your pupils are perfect.

KC WILT: Thank you for that compliment.

JOHNER RIEHL: So, you love it?

OWEN HEMSATH: Tell me more about that.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Belladonna is actually used in case adults for very high fevers and the cheeks are bright red. This is also a really good for ear infections where the eardrum, the membrane are bright red bulging throbbing and it also – they often crave lemonade.

This is the type of very high fevers. In fact, even the ones that can produce a potentially seizures and hallucinations. Obviously, in that situation, “Please don’t wait at home, always go see your paediatrician.”

KC WILT: What about Roseola because I know that a lot of my friends are going through that now and it’s a high fever and then the rash.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Absolutely, with belladonna just like Aconite and Belladonna in the olden days is actually Roseola or similar was actually specific for Scarlett Fever. So, these types of conditions absolutely – with Belladonna again, the fever becomes high quickly. These are very good for children who are normally very healthy, robust, strong children and they get sick for it quickly. So, that’s another remedy to keep at home.

Number four, Hypericum – Hypericum is beautiful remedy and I hope this never happens to you but it’s good for crash injuries. So, for example you step on your babies toe or especially the nerve-rich areas like the fingertips, the toes, the nose, the tongue even the genitals, it’s a good remedy. If any of your children have circumcision, it’s also a good remedy for nerve pains, very nervy pain, Sciatica, Shingles that type of thing.

Calendula, that’s actually made from the Mary Gold. It’s a herb but it’s a sole homeopathic remedy.

KC WILT: I’ve heard that. That’s in all the new baby lotions nowadays.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: It is a beautiful remedy for cuts and colds. Sorry, not colds – cuts and scrapes and abrasions. It’s also excellent for moms of post-partum. We actually have homeopathic pregnancy kit for delivery and post-partum that are for the mom and for the baby. It’s a little bit of a shock and a trauma – so, using Calendula can be very helpful.

Apis Mellifica is number six. This is a remedy made from bee venom. We use it for insect bites especially bee stings. Obviously, if your child is older – you always need to keep an Epipen at home. But, for any type of bee stings – Apis is a beautiful remedy and it’s good to keep in the home.

Number seven is Ledum. Ledum, hopefully none of your children will experience those. But Ledum is good for either a black-eye or if they occasionally bump their eyes or also for puncture wounds. So, it’s something like a splinter. Splinter, we actually have a better remedy. Silica helps through almost expel like a foreign body from inside.

KC WILT: So, would you use this whenever a black-eye over the first one – the Arnica.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Arnica, that’s a good question. Generally with Arnica, the inflammatory process is very active. That’s lots of heat, swelling, inflammation. With a Ledum, the area feels cold to the touch. There’s less inflammation. The bruises are more black or green or blue. So, it’s less of the inflammatory process. So, Arnica first – Ledum would be maybe the secondary phase.

KC WILT: What’s our number eight?

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Arsenicum Album. This a beautiful remedy for food poisoning where diarrhea. Now, obviously – if your child has food poison or diarrhea, it’s always wise to take them to their paediatrician where it’s very dangerous about food poisoning and diarrhea is dehydration.

It’s really important that they get enough fluids and electrolytes. However on the way to taking your child to the paediatrician – for example, I’ve had, mom had a very severe allergic reaction. In the car while she’s taking it to the paediatrician, she gave Apis the bee venom which is also use for allergic reactions. By the time she got to the paediatrician, it was gone. So, you can actually – if you give these remedies in the moment quickly while you’re getting help, they can actually be helpful in that situation.

Ignatia Amber. Now, this is different from Akinesia. Ignatia is like the Saint Ignasium. It’s the Loganiaceae plant family. This is a beautiful remedy for any type of grief – so, any kind of loss. If the child loses their favourite pets or

KC WILT: Postpartum depression.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Postpartum depression, we have other remedies for that. It’s like CPS, more hormonal grief remedy. But, especially after a loss or grief or unfortunately you lose your baby, Ignatia is a famous grief remedy. It’s just a beautiful remedy.

The last one, number ten is Gelsemium. I hope I’m not overwhelming the list.

KC WILT: I know. What are these names? They sound like planets.

GABRIELLE TRAUB: Gelsemium is actually made from the yellow Jasmine. I’ll use the common names. Gelsemium is a beautiful cold and flu remedy. But, when we talked about Aconite and Belladonna being the onset was very fast.

For Gelsemium, this is actually the cold and flu remedy that I’m seeing most this time of the year right now. The last two weeks, I’ve treated so many patients for Gelsemium – is they get off-sick very slowly. It’s like a gradual onset. The eyelids become very, very heavy. They’re feeling just really weak and lethargic more like confused and they’re not so thirsty. These are the indications for Gelsemium.

Gelsemium is also a great remedy for stage fright. Is your kids in the school play and they don’t want to go up on stage and they kind of just become paralyzed with fear and shock. It’s a beautiful remedy.

KC WILT: Well, what I’ve learned from all of these is that, “There’s something for everything.”


KC WILT: I’m going to take my son to you afterwards. Thanks so much to Gabrielle Traub for helping us learn about homeopathy. If you want more information, go today’s show on our episode page on our website or visit SanDiegoHomeopathy.com. We actually have a free giveaway homeopathy kit for your home.

So, this is how we’re going to do it – if you want this kit, go to our website. Go to this page on homeopathy and write in the comment section, “Why you want to use homeopathy or how will use homeopathy and let us know.” We will give this kit away at random.

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DAVID VIENNA: Hi Parent Savers. This is the Daddy Complex. I’m David Vienna, father of twin boys. My experience has thought me anything about parenting is that, “I know nothing about parenting. You will become your dad.”

Please understand this, this doesn’t apply to everyone. In fact, this is a sweeping generalization. So, the preceding statement offends you – please Google the words cat in video. You’ll find plenty of things to keep your video while we continue.

Anyway, becoming my dad seems to be true in my case. As I’ve said though, I like to think I’m a unique little snowflake – my experiences seem to be rather common. My dad is a pretty rough guy. But, I didn’t always know that. In fact, when I was young – we didn’t really get each other at all. Seriously, we were like oil with water – if oil wasn’t Bert Big Punk music and water and John Travel Shows.

I do think that every boy has stage in which he desperately tries to distinguish himself from his father. Look at Martin and Charlie Sheen for example. Martin is a smart, talented political activist – Charlie is a whoring drug addict who can’t even convince he’s playing himself. Around the time, I graduated college however; I started to have real world experiences. I started to have real world experiences. I started to see the wisdom my dad tried so hard to impart fit within that world.

Similarly, I think he started to see how I could forge my own path even if that included much more facial hair than he’s comfortable with. Now, that I have kids of my own – I find myself quoting him often and doing things that he might have done them. I finally realize the decisions he made that I didn’t agree with or didn’t understand when I was young were then so an effort to protect or to help me.

If wanting to make my child be better, makes me like my dad then, “Yes, I’m exactly my dad.” Check out more of my terrible advice at the Daddycomplex.com to help you – post on Twitter at the Daddy Complex. You can also view episode of fighting with babies, like puppet web series for parent that the Daddycomplex.com/fwb make sure to listening to Parent Savers for more fatherly tips.

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