Gabrielle Traub


Gabrielle is a world renowned homeopath and teacher. She specializes in women's health, infants and children. Gabrielle has conducted double-blind clinical research on concentration difficulties, nervousness and anxiety. Gabrielle formerly worked at a an in-patient treatment center for Trauma, Eating Disorders, Pain and Addictions. Gabrielle has two practices conveniently located in north and south San Diego: an integrative holistic clinic and an OB-GYN clinic. Gabrielle graduated from a 5-year homeopathic degree in South Africa, followed by a year conducting clinical research. Her training includes experience in private practice, hospital and rural settings. She went on to complete 2- years post graduate training in Clinical and Classical homeopathy (M.F. Hom and C.E.H.D). Gabrielle is on the faculty of The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California, The Los Angeles School of Homeopathy, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and The American Medical College of Homeopathy. Gabrielle teaches homeopathy as well as the medical sciences (anatomy and pathology).

Episodes for this expert

  • Homeopathy for Children

    It’s cold and flu season and you want to do everything possible to protect your little ones. Have you considered homeopathy? What is it and how can it improve your child’s immune system?

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