The Importance of Twin Groups and Meetups

No one understands twins better than another twin parent. Messaging back and forth online can be helpful, but there's nothing that replaces connecting with people face to face through twin groups and meetups. What are the different types of groups available to twin parents? What kind of support and services do they offer? And how can you find one in your area, or perhaps start a new one?

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  • Twin “Oops”!

    Caring for two or more children at the same time can be quite a challenge. What funny twin “oops” have you made recently (that you’re willing to admit)? Record a voicemail through our website or send us an email, and we’ll share your story on our show!

  • Ask Twin Experts

    Our team of experts are here to help you throughout your journey parenting twins and multiples. Submit your questions through email or our website, and allow our experts to ease your concerns and quench your curiosity.

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