Partial Breastfeeding: When Supplementation is Needed

There are times when a new mother, who plans to exclusively breastfeed, needs to provide supplementation for her baby. How do you cope with the shock and disappointment? In what situations would a baby need something other than breast milk? And what types of “supplementation” are we talking about?

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  • Overcoming Societal Booby Traps

    We want you to have a positive breastfeeding experience… without feeling “booby trapped” by the cultural, institutional and legal barriers that prevent us from making informed decisions? How can we change the overall perception of breastfeeding within our society?

  • The Best Online Breastfeeding Resources

    There’s a lot of breastfeeding information online. What are the most reliable sites for the best breastfeeding support? What are some great sites where you can network with other breastfeeding moms?

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