Sara Schaeffer


Sara Schaeffer, RN, Women's and Children's Services, Sharp Grossmont Hospital, has been part of the labor & delivery team at the hospital's women's center for four years. She transferred to Sharp Grossmont after working at Sharp Chula Vista for two years. Schaeffer's main area of focus is in labor & delivery, but she also has experience in caring for patients in postpartum and in the operating room during C-section procedures. Schaeffer has a passion for assisting women with their labor and the birth of their babies. She believes that it's important for each woman to be educated about the labor and birth process, her options and modern advances available to assist with birth. “I had two home births myself,” says Schaeffer. “That experience made me very aware of my body, the labor process and the importance of making the delivery day a special one. I have learned that every woman is unique and every birth is a once in a lifetime experience.”

Episodes for this expert

  • Episiotomies, Tearing and Perineal Massage

    If you plan to have a vaginal birth, you’ll need to know your options when it comes to episiotomies versus letting your body tear naturally. Plus, what exactly is perineal massage and how is it used to help ease your baby through the birth canal?

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