Jalan Burton

Pediatrician and CEO

Dr. Jalan Burton or “Dr. J,” as she loves to be called, is a pediatrician, wife and mother of three with over a decade of experience in well and sick child care, complex care, children with special needs, public health, youth development and managed care.

Through Healthy Home Pediatrics, Dr. J collaborates with families to provide comprehensive primary care that integrates traditional evidence-based interventions with customized plans that prioritize healthy foods, quality sleep, integrative medicine, and healthy family routines.

When Dr. J is not providing excellent patient care she is spending time with her husband and their three children (2 boys and a baby girl). She is actively involved in her community as a volunteer Clinical Instructor at The George Washington University School of Medicine, local Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), and Community Association. Dr. J enjoys listening to podcasts, cooking, urban gardening, and exercising.

Episodes for this expert

  • Understanding RSV and Other Common Baby Illnesses

    Babies can get sick a lot during their first year of life. What are the most common illnesses to watch out for? How can you treat them at home? And what are signs that you should seek medical attention?

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