Eleata Donalson

NICU Nurse

Eleata Donalson BSN RN, is a staff nurse at Tri-City Medical Center's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She is also the staff coordinator for the March of Dimes Family Support Program at Tri-City. Eleata oversees a lending library for new parents and hosts monthly scrapbooking sessions for NICU parents. Her scrapbooking program provides a therapeutic outlet for parents and allows them to document memories of their child's time in the NICU. Eleata has been a nurse for 18 years and her passion is caring for sick infants and helping to teach parents how to nurture and care for their babies.

Episodes for this expert

  • Inside the NICU: Bonding with Your Babies

    We’re continuing our series focused on what to expect if your twins need to visit the NICU. In this episode, our panelists share ways they were able to bond with their babies during their stay- even in an unnatural environment.

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