Roger Felix

Teratogen Information Specialist

Robert is a Senior Teratogen Information Specialist. He started as a volunteer over 20 years ago and has assumed progressively counseling, outreach and program responsibilities since 1986. Currently, as MotherToBaby CA's Community Outreach Director and Data Resource Manager he is responsible for publicizing and increasing awareness about the value of MotherToBaby CA and the services it offers. He cultivates new partnerships by identifying healthcare providers and communities throughout California so that MotherToBaby CA's services can be targeted to these groups. Robert is actively involved with a variety of programs, locally and statewide which include the Perinatal Care Network (PCN), Black Infant Health (BIH), California Smokers Helpline, California's Women, Infants and Children (WIC), March of Dimes, and Planned Parenthood. Robert's continued participation has lead to the inclusion of MotherToBaby CA as a resource in the Health and Human Services website for California's Department of Public Health.

Additional Experts

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Nurse/Lactation Educator

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WIC, Government Program

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Cord Blood/Tissue Banking