Ruthii Slattum

Lactation Consultant/ Doula

Momma Ruthii has been supporting new momma's as a Lactation Consultant and Postpartum Doula since early 2014. She has recently started an ongoing mentorship with an Encapsulator that has been working with Placentas for several years. She has taken the Bloodborne Pathogens Certification and has received her Food Handler's Permit from the city of San Diego, CA. She offers the full range of options, including Traditional Chinese Method, Raw Method, tinctures, salves, and keepsakes.

Episodes for this expert

  • Breastfeeding Your Baby: Losing 10% of Birth Weight

    Your baby’s birth weight is important. And for those first couple weeks of life, your primary goal as a new mom is to keep that birth weight from falling more than 10%. Why is it important to maintain that birth weight right after birth? Why is 10% the magic number? And what does it mean if your baby loses more than 10% of her initial weight? What are your options?

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