Jennifer Parra

Adoptive Mom

Jennifer (Jenny) Parra is a mom to a multiracial foster-adoptive family of six living in Los Angeles. She shares her story of infant loss of her firstborn stillbirth twin boys to the complications of delivery of her daughter which caused a hysterectomy to the adoption of her three youngest kids across social media under Our Family Vine.

She along with her husband of 22 years chose adoption six years after the birth of their daughter. They adopted their kids through private domestic adoption and the foster care system. They explain how each process was different and unique.

She never imagined how motherhood would be after her loss. She shares their family's story through pictures, reels, and vlogs on social media. She hopes her story helps and gives hope to other moms.

Episodes for this expert

  • Pregnancy Expectations Before and After Adopting a Child

    Are you pregnant right after adopting a new family member? Or is this your first pregnancy but you have always known you wanted to adopt in the future? Today’s episode is all about adopting and pregnancy and what expectant mothers need to know!

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