Sarah Pursell


Sarah Pursell is a mother of three, who practices Attachment Parenting and Grace-Based Discipline with her kids. When she's not creating science experiments in her kitchen (also known as cooking Traditional Foods), she loves to study natural healing and nutrition, homeschool her kids, and travel around in her RV. Her family recently spent a year traveling the country in their RV, the same RV where she gave birth to her youngest son in an Unassisted Childbirth (UC). Sarah and her husband (or “Midhusband”, as she sometimes calls him), Mark, researched their birthing options when they became pregnant with their third. They read Unassisted Childbirth by Laura Shanley, a book on Emergency Childbirth, asked questions on mothering forums, and watched lots of YouTube videos of Unassisted Births. The process that evolved made them certain that UC was right for them. And as Sarah says, “It was the most empowering day of [her] life!”

Episodes for this expert

  • Childbirth Choices: Unassisted Childbirth

    You’re considering a non-traditional birth, but is unassisted childbirth in your future? Learn what happens without the assistance of a medical or professional birth attendant.

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