Natasha Burgert

Pediatrician, Philips Avent Partner

Dr. Natasha Burgert is a nationally-known and experienced pediatrician who’s passionate about connecting with families “between the check-ups.” She offers evidence-based child health and parenting goodness that’s sprinkled with experience and common sense to help you parent smart and parent confident, every day of the year.

Currently, Dr. Natasha works full-time in a suburban private practice in Overland Park, KS, while raising two kids of her own.

If you can’t find her in the office, it’s likely because she is doing work as a Spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, working with Brands she loves as an influencer, sharing her thoughts with the media, or partnering with other leaders who are making our world better for kids.

Episodes for this expert

  • Are Pacifiers Good for Babies?

    You may know them as pacis, binkies, soothies, or a slew of other names we call that thing that we stick in our baby’s mouth to help them stop crying. In my house, pacifiers often work like magic. But are there actual benefits to using them? Today we’re going to dig into the science of pacifiers and address some of the most burning questions new parents have on this topic, as well as tips for addressing some of the more problematic paci woes.

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