Robert Lockheimer

Baby Safe Home

Robert Lockheimer is the Founder of Baby Safe Home, Inc. and Baby Safe Homes Franchise Corporation. He and his wife, Kim, have now been married for nearly fifteen years. They are the proud parents of four young boys ages, four, seven, eleven and thirteen. Their mission to create safer environments for children was embarked upon following the birth of our first son, Erik. Robert's frustration with inferior store bought products and concern for the safety of his first born son began his passion for child safety and the beginning of Baby Safe Home. Over the past decade, they have perfected our skills and revolutionized their services to now be the leading child safety company.

Episodes for this expert

  • Baby Proofing Your Home

    Your toddler is getting into everything, which can be both frustrating and dangerous. How can baby-proofing your home help control the chaos? What are the essential items and what can you probably do without? And how do we protect our kids outdoors?

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