Paula Tipton-Healy

Licensed Midwife/ Homeopath

Paula Tipton-Healy has been practicing as a homebirth midwife for 30 + years. She is a California Licensed Midwife, has a B.S. in Nutrition, and has been a homeopathic and nutritional consultant for over 28 years. She's trained many apprentices and midwives and continues to speak and teach on subjects near and dear to her in all subjects regarding pregnancy, birth and health. Paula is mother to four daughters, all born at home! Her grandson Ronin, also born at home, is her absolute pride and joy! Paula's passion for health lead her to create a line of products that support the digestive system. You can find those products and more information on her website

Episodes for this expert

  • Homeopathy and Pregnancy

    Pregnancy can be stressful to a woman’s body and the health of the fetus. Learn how homeopathic medicines will help improve the health of the mother as well as the baby to assuring a more positive pregnancy experience.

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