Maria Dozeman

Au Pair in America

Maria is a former host mom and for six years served as a Seattle area Community Counselor for APIA. She is currently working with Au Pair in America establishing corporate partnerships with companies/organizations interested in offering the au pair program to their employees as a childcare benefit. Having lived and worked abroad, Maria is passionate about cultural exchange programs and has found experiencing the au pair program within her own family to be a transformational experience as well.

Episodes for this expert

  • Au Pairs: Affordable Childcare for Your Twins

    Many new parents of twins and higher-order multiples are consumed with the cost of childcare. Au pairs provide quality care and flexibility at an affordable rate, all while introducing your family to new and exciting cultures. We’re chatting with two host moms from Au Pair in America to learn how their program can be a cost-effective childcare solution, especially for families with more than one child.

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