Rachel Crawford

Nursery Designer

I've been designing spaces for as long as I can remember but officially started in 2005 when I graduated with my Interior Design degree, I took a break to have my two boys 2011/2012. I've always worked under another company, where I started out at H Johnson Interiors, Ethan Allen and lastly at Mixture in Little Italy, San Diego. I did not have the courage to go out on my own, but since then I've done a lot of soul searching and found my calling and courage to start this new venture. My history with tradition design and European modern design has given me the unique nack of mixing vintage touches with modern style. I offer full service design, e-design services for those not in SD and design by the hour. I also conduct DIY Nursery design classes for parents that kind of have an idea of what they want for their nursery but did not know quite how to put it together or how to start. The classes are scheduled at the Glashaus in Barrio Logan. I look forward to creating a very special place for you and your little one to thrive and grow.

Episodes for this expert

  • Preparing Your Twin Nursery

    You’ve got double the babies, but that doesn’t mean you have double the space. What should you consider when designing your twin nursery? We’ll explore all types of ideas, from the practical to the posh!

  • Decorating Bedrooms for Boy and Girl Twins

    Pink and Blue. That’s what we usually think of for girls and boys. But what if you have one of each? Do you have to decorate your twins’ room in pink and blue? What other options are there? And how can you update their room as they become preschool and school-age kids?

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