Peter Kerin

Certified Professional Childproofer

Shortly after I became a father, I set out to babyproof my home. I searched store after store only to be frustrated by the limited selection and poor quality of products available. The safety gates and child safety locks I did buy often did not fit correctly, required specific tools, or outright broke.

After many attempts I finally thought I had baby proofing down… until our second child was born. No longer able to give my complete attention to one child, I realized the need to reassess my childproofing efforts. Some additional child proof latches and another baby gate later and I was done… until we had our third baby.

As a stay-at-home father of three I learned what effective baby proofing is from first-hand experience. The process I went through to childproof our home was both frustrating and expensive. Combining my experiences as a parent with training, research and product knowledge I started Foresight to help educate and assist parents in creating a safe home and avoid the trial and error process.

Over the past 20+ years I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with thousands of families, help create new safety product lines and set new and meaningful standards for child safety products.

Episodes for this expert

  • Expert Tips for Baby Proofing Your Home

    As any experienced parent will tell you, the newborn days of putting your baby on a play mat – and knowing they’ll stay there – don’t last long. Pretty soon they’ll be following you around the house and getting into anything and everything, so you’ll need to make sure their environment is safe.

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