Abby Lacey


Abby is the owner of Sanctuary San Diego, and Founder & President of The Doula Initiative, a San Diego non-profit dedicated to making doula services available to all families regardless of income. She has specialized in pregnancy and birth care for more than 10 years as a nationally certified massage therapist/aromatherapist and as a DONA trained birth doula for 2.5 years. Her private practice continues to grow as she works with The Doula Initiative to provide easy access to doula care for San Diego families. She will be returning to school Winter 2015 to begin her training toward becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM).

Episodes for this expert

  • Managing Back Labor

    You’ve heard of contractions during labor and delivery, but what about back labor? What exactly is back labor, what does it feel like and what causes it to happen? Plus, we’ve got tips on how to prevent it and methods to naturally manage it.

  • Creating a Calm Birth Environment

    Whether you choose to birth in a hospital, birth center or home, there are small things you can do to help make your birth experience as calm and comfortable as possible. How can we tame our five senses so we can relax more easily? Can aromatherapy and essential oils help your labor progress faster? Does special lighting help with pain management? And can your favorite music playlist re-energize you for those last few pushes when baby is crowning?

  • Choosing Your Health Care Provider: OB/GYNs

    Thinking about adding an OB/GYN to your team of health care providers? What type of prenatal care can you expect to receive with an OB/GYN? What exactly is their role during the labor and delivery process?

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