James Ochi


At a time when medical care in general seems more mill-like and impersonal, Dr. Ochi decided to follow a different path. A Mayo Clinic-trained fellow of the prestigious American Academy of Pediatrics with 16 years experience, he followed the path of eliminating everything from his practice that compromised his ability to devote time and undivided attention to his patients. And his patients, from the poverty-stricken children of Thailand, Cambodia, and Uganda to those who live in mansions around Southern California, gain so much from him. They all gain better health and a better chance for a brighter future. Dr. Ochi established Children’s ENT of San Diego to give children the best possible ear, nose and throat care. To him, that means the best diagnostic and treatment technology and the most effective techniques – plus a very personal, very caring touch. It also means drawing from his own experience as a father of three children. Though there’s nothing old-fashioned about him, Dr. Ochi still believes in practicing medicine the old-fashioned way.

Episodes for this expert

  • Tongue Tie and Breastfeeding

    A tight frenula, or tongue-tie, can greatly hinder breastfeeding. What are the symptoms? What are your options for overcoming it? And how quickly will you see improvement?

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