Care Messer

Birth Doula

Care is the owner/founder of  The Birth Education Center of San Diego. Care discovered HypnoBirthing with the birth of her daughter in 2008. It changed her life's path. Care became a doula under the instruction of Gerri Ryan and went on to become certified in HypnoBirthing. Care created her company San Diego HypnoBirthing and has taught HypnoBirthing since 2009.  She has recently trained with ICEA to become certified as an international educator. Care offers Natural Birth Training to student nurses at SDSU and currently serves as Vice President of the San Diego Birth Network.

Episodes for this expert

  • Creating a Successful Birth Plan

    Whether you’re giving birth naturally, or planning for an epidural, it’s all starts with having a birth plan. Making these decisions in advance will help you create the best birth experience possible.

  • Choosing Your Health Care Provider: Birth Doulas

    We’re continuing our series which explores your options when choosing your health care providers. This episode focuses on birth and postpartum doulas? How can they help you have the birth you’ve always wanted? And how can they make those first few weeks after birth more enjoyable as well?

  • Childbirth Preparation Methods: Hypnobirthing

    Looking for a way to soar through your surges by relaxing the fear that tenses your body and triggers pain during childbirth? Then you may want to try hypnobirthing. Learn the basics of this method before you sign up for a class.

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