Jennifer Sandoval

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jennifer Sandoval, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Del Mar where she specializes in couple and family therapy, the treatment of sexual difficulties, anxiety disorders and PTSD. Dr. Sandoval often gives talks in the community on marital/relationship issues and issues on sexuality. Dr. Sandoval has taught, supervised and given trainings to interns as well as licensed professionals. She enjoys salsa dancing and spending time with her husband and two preschoolers. Please visit her website.

Episodes for this expert

  • Sex and Pregnancy

    Let’s face it- sex is different when you’re pregnant. Your body is going through many changes and you may feel more or less sexual depending on your situation. How do you handle sex and pregnancy with your partner? Plus, a candid conversation about how you can make sex more enjoyable.

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