Ty Allan Jackson

Youth Motivational Speaker

Ty Allan Jackson is an award-winning children’s book author, youth motivational speaker, and literacy advocate. A three-time TEDx presenter, he travels around the US inspiring children to read and educate adults about the impacts of illiteracy. Jackson’s self-published books have been featured on CNN, NBC Nightly News, The Steve Harvey Show, PBS, and the Hallmark Channel. In 2020, he appeared on Marvel’s Hero Project on Disney+ and a Good Morning America segment featuring Sydney Keys, a young man who was inspired by Jackson’s book Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire: The Lemonade Escapade to create an innovative book club for Black boys. Jackson is the co-founder of the Read or Else movement and the financial literacy program Danny Dollar Academy.

Videos for this expert

  • Creating a Plan for Your Kid’s Business

    If you’ve ever started your own business, you know that most successful businesses start with a plan. A business plan which forces you to really think about what you’re doing and why. So, if your kid is starting a business- should they do the same thing?

  • Should Kids Make Money on YouTube?

    Your child hopes to one day become a YouTube star, get millions of likes and make tens of millions of dollars- what do you do as a parent? Should you help foster that dream and help them create their own channel? What should you consider? What are some red flags for parents going down this road?

  • Should Your Kid be an Entrepreneur?

    Your young child keeps bugging you to have a lemonade stand. Are they just bored or do they really have an entrepreneurial spirit? What are some ways parents can tell if this is just a passing phase or something more? And how can becoming an entrepreneur benefit your child throughout life?

  • How to Teach Your Kids About Money

    So, your kid seems interested in money…probably because he’s always asking you for it. How do we, as parents, help our children better understand (and appreciate) how money works? How do avoid talking about money so much that it becomes an obsession? And what are some great ways to start coaching our kids on how to be responsible with it?

  • Helping Your Kids Dream Big!

    We all have dreams, right? Big, lofty goals… things we want to accomplish in life. And just as we like to dream, it’s also important to pass that thought process onto our kids. But how do you do that? And how do you deal with “failure” if things don’t turn out as planned?

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